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Instructional Tip - Arms Of Steel by Gene Mulak
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/17/2015

Instructional Tip - Arms Of Steel by Gene Mulak
Most amateurs view bunkers as a jail cell or a torture chamber. There seems to be endless amounts of books, DVD’s and internet sites about escaping the sand. Many provide good information but are generally lacking one key move to consistently blasting out for a standard bunker shot.

The mistake nearly every amateur golfer makes on any golf shot is not hitting the ground consistently in the same place every time. As the handicaps go down, the golfers strike becomes more precise on the ground, no matter the conditions. Golfers are told to have no tension in their arms and in the bunker to strike a varying number of inches behind the ball. A major element in having a consistent bottom to your swing arc is to have your arms straight.

Maintaining straight arms throughout the strike will ensure a forceful motion through the shot and up to the finish. More importantly, this move will also assist in keeping the sand wedges leading edge and bounce angle consistent, a major move that the expert player has mastered.

The DNA of every golfer’s swing is going to be different, especially in the bunker where some players will have varying ball positions, handle locations, weight distribution and face angles. However, if you struggle performing a standard bunker shot, try firming up and maintain the extension in your arms down and through the shot. You may find that maintaining arms of steel will produce super bunker shots!