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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/8/2015

Instructional Tip - Fingertip Control: Impact! By George Conner
For years, golfers have been told to hold the putter grip in the lifeline of their hands. Having the putter grip running through the palm of your lead hand gives the golfer the ability to easily flex and extend that wrist. This flipping of the lead wrist is a major problem for many golfers today.  All of the exotic grips, cross-handed, claw, pencil etc are tried in an attempt to stabilize that left wrist. An anchored putter was the answer for a lot of golfers, but that won’t be available in a few months.

There is a better way. When the putter grip is held more in the fingers, you have better touch.  The fingers supporting the underside of the grip will allow the putter to swing more naturally.  This will go a long way towards stabilizing your lead wrist so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down during the stroke.

To quickly see the benefits of this style of grip make some strokes with the thumbs off the grip.  Next, hit some 10-foot putts with the thumbs off the grip.  This will show you that when the putter swings freely, it swings consistently. For many, this will be the first time they have felt the putter swing and rotate without manipulation. The rotation will naturally match the arc and you will no longer struggle to get the clubface square at impact.

Once you get the feel of this, put your thumbs back on the putter.  Very lightly, let your thumbs rest on the flat portion of the grip but apply no pressure. The benefits of this grip will be better speed control, less nervous erratic motions and a consistently square position at impact.

George Connor is the Head Golf Instructor at Farmington Woods Country Club in Avon, CT. 860-830-6969 or