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Instructional Tip - The Right Fundamental: By Sue Kaffenburgh
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/8/2015

Instructional Tip - The Right Fundamental: By Sue Kaffenburgh
You love the game. You’ve been playing for years, and now your friend or your spouse wants to start. It’s time to find some lessons. A word of warning: don’t be the teacher! But, you do want to make sure your money will be well spent. It’s tempting to find the inexpensive group gatherings, where “the fundamentals” are taught. Don’t!

Everyone needs fundamentals, right? But, few people would agree on what those fundamentals are. Before you sign up for a series of lessons, make some phone calls and ask the instructor what “fundamentals” will be emphasized. If they say, well, we emphasize grip, stance, posture and alignment…walk away!

The #1 fundamental that you want your partner to receive from the very first lesson can be observed in every great player. The ball must be struck first, and then the ground. Golf is referred to as a ball-turf game; meaning striking is in that order. Find lessons for your significant other that emphasize, fundamentally, more weight forward on the front foot at set up and remaining on the front foot, and you will be giving the gift of reducing fat shots for life! Working on this at the range will produce a golfer who knows that hitting the ground after the ball is the most important fundamental to solid, repeatable contact. You might want to give it a try too!

Sue Kaffenburgh, PGA/LPGA, 
Bayberry Hills Golf Course, Yarmouth, MA.  508-364-GOLF (4653)