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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/8/2015

Instructional Tip - Great Expectations: Impact! by Todd Daignault
The hardest part of being a fitter is overcoming all of the marketing hype. Golfers are bombarded by ads, commercials, and sales people all touting the newest and best. But are the miracles promised achievable? The answer is only sometimes.

Golfers have the impression that everyone should be driving the ball 250+ yards and straight every time.  While fitting can produce miracles at times, the truth is most golfers are close to maxed out already.  One of the first questions a good fitter will ask you is, what are your goals with this fitting?  How are you trying to improve?  Almost every golfer says “more distance!”  With all the breakthroughs in center of gravity, multi material, slots, and adjustments, this should be an easy proposition.  But if you were fit properly in the last five years, distance gains can be hard to come by. If you haven’t been fit well recently there is more hope for a bigger gain.  
The problem is physics. No one can beat physics. So if you are getting good launch monitor data with you current clubs, then adding yardage will be slim at best. If you fall outside of the optimum window for the power you produce, a good fitter can help optimize your clubs to gain you distance and accuracy.

The best way to approach a fitting is to be honest about your game and focus on correcting ball flight deviations, not just looking for more distance.  Getting control of an erratic ball flight will do more to lower your scores than hitting it ten yards farther. Refining your expectations will make your fitting more enjoyable and more rewarding on the course.

Todd Daignault is the owner and club fitter at Prove It Golf. He can be reached at
(860) 257-4550 or