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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/8/2015

Instructional Tip - Primary Concern: Impact! by Fabio Colon
Distance and direction will both suffer if solid contact cannot be made with the ball. An essential to great ball striking with the irons is understanding where the low point of your swing is and how to get it on the target side of the ball. When hitting any ball off of the turf, you need to be able to strike down and through a ball without concern of hitting behind it. The low point of your swing is ultimately determined by the location of your swing center…the center of your body, which is your sternum and pelvis, during the motion of the golf swing.

When your swing center is behind the ball at impact, your club will have a tendency to bottom out too early leading to inconsistent ball striking. In order to move your center forward you need to think of the golf swing as a dynamic motion. As you are beginning to swing towards the target, your center needs to shift toward your target and to the front side of the ball in order to be able to correctly strike down and through the golf ball.

To understand how this relationship works, setup to the side of a golf ball on your right leg only, keep your left leg back and on your toes for balance. Make some short three-quarter length practice swings that get down to the ground and make a divot. Now do the same over on your left side. You will notice that the divot location has shifted dramatically. When you are practicing this, the feeling of your weight being on your left side, is the feeling you should strive for at impact.

Fabio Colon  is a PGTAA Golf Instructor at Copper Hill Golf Academy in East Granby, CT.   He can be reached at (860) 653-7272 or