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The Newest in Golf Tees and other new products
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/12/2005
The Newest in Golf Tees and other new products

The Newest in Golf Tees
Wooden tees still dominate the marketplace, and still work well however, changes have been taking place in golf tees designed to improve your game. Among the changes on the tee box are the use of new, eco-friendly materials, tees designed to provide less resistance -- and thus greater distance and accuracy -- and, most notably, tees being made in many more sizes than before to accommodate the growth in drivers.

BRUSH-T is a colorful plastic base (blue, black, orange, yellow) tee that comes in four sizes: 2, 2.2, 2.4 and 3 1/8 inches. The company is calling the various sizes 3-Wood, Driver, Oversize and XL-T, respectively. The key to the Brush-T is the flexible, plastic bristles to put the ball on. They are designed to be long-lasting, to reduce deflection at impact, to impart less spin and to provide what the company calls “a natural strike.” Based in Santa Ana, Calif., the Brush-T was developed by Jason Crouse, a South African engineer, with the concept of replicating the feel of grass.

EPOCH Tees by Evolve Golf come in two sizes, 2.375 inches and 3.125 inches. Each tee has four convex radius posts, which are wider than a golf ball dimple and reduce surface contact with the ball by 93 percent over fully round wooden tees, according to company figures. Company officials also cite environmentally-friendly benefits of the epoch tees, which biodegrade outdoors in four to six months and are designed to not damage mowers, tires and turf. In play, the durable tees are also meant to last longer. There is rapidly growing use and 22 wins across the PGA TOUR, Champions, Nationwide, and the LPGA Tours.

The ZERO FRICTION tee comes in one size: 2 3/4 inches designed for today’s oversized drivers. Made of a biodegradable material, they are designed to not harm mowers and the course ecosystem. The key feature is the top of the tee, which has a three-pronged system designed to reduce friction and resistance at impact. Zero Friction Tees have racked up 6 wins and many Top 10 finishes on Tour this year.

Other New Products

The Zelocity “Pure Contact” practice monitor  instantly and accurately displays and records your ball speed, total distance and total carry distance using Doppler radar. No adjustments between golfers or clubs is needed. Retailing for only $395, it’s the size of an iPod, and weighs less than one pound, requires only a 9v battery. Just turn it on, set it down and start hitting. Stop guessing and start knowing the distance you hit with each club, with different swings in all climates and elevations.

Developed by Larry Nelson, US Open and 2-time PGA Champion, the QuickFix uses air resistance and benefits the golfer who swings 50 mph, as well as the golfer who swings 100 mph. The percent of resistance is the same at both speeds. With continual use of the QuickFix, every golfer will increase his or her strength with each added mph. The more that the QuickFix is used the stronger that the muscles become and the more that clubhead speed is increased. There is no point at which the muscles stop deriving benefit. From driver to wedge, using QuickFix will add power and accuracy to all your shots.