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Tuning Your Driver Shaft to Your Game
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 07/2/2015

Tuning Your Driver Shaft to Your Game


Oban Isawa Red
The Isawa Red is an active bend profile shaft, aimed at golfers seeking mid-high launch and low-mid spin characteristics. Oban’s proprietary MultiPlex technology leverages the latest high modulus aerospace exotics to optimize energy transfer to the ball at impact. Performance: High Launch, Mid Spin for Smooth Swinger

Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI
The Rogue Silver 110 has a stiff tip section for a mid to low launch with low spin and uses extremely high modulus of 110 MSI in a constant taper profile. The modulus of the graphite material used in typical graphite shafts ranges from 33 MSI to 55 MSI. Aldila claims this is able to make the shaft stiffer and lower torque without adding weight. The placement of the material in the grip end slightly counterbalances the shaft to work with heavier driver heads and the longer length. Performance: Mid Launch, Mid Spin for Smooth Swinger

Aldila Rogue Black 95 MSI
The Rogue Black has a medium-stiff tip section and slightly higher torque for a mid-high launch with moderate spin. It also employs, extremely high modulus, ‘Graphitic Carbon’ fibers at 95 MSI. The mid-stiff tip Rogue Black is available in 60, 70, 80 versions as well as an 85 gram hybrid shaft, all available in R, S, and X flexes. Performance: Mid-High Launch, Mid Spin for Smooth Swinger

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XT60
The Kuro Kage XT60 uses a high density prepreg material with 15% more carbon fiber and much less resin, 20% vs. 33%, than found in most shaft prepreg. By changing the proportions of fiber to resin, and by using high density prepreg at specific points along the shaft, Mitsubishi claims to add strength, while at the same time increasing feel, power and responsiveness. Performance: Mid Launch, Mid to Low Spin for Aggressive Swinger

Matrix REIGN BLACK G-60T & G-70T
The G-60 and G-70 T, used by Rickie Fowler at The Player’s Championship offer low spinning, lower launching profiles with more feel in the hands with a very torsionally stout tip for optimized dispersion. The G-60T and GT70T weigh in at 60 grams and 70 grams respectively. Performance: Low Launch, Low Spin for Aggressive Swinger

Matrix REIGN BLACK G-60B & G-70B
The G-60 and G70 B profiles offer similar characteristics in feel but are back weighted therefore offering slightly higher launch and spin characteristics, i.e. mid spin / mid launch and are designed to optimize performance in heavier heads and/or longer builds. Performance: Mid to High Launch, Mid Spin for Aggressive Swinger