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John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 07/2/2015

FALL Stay & Play is most Affordable! MORE GOLF FOR LESS MONEY IN SANTEE
On most days, visiting golfers outnumber the 1,000 people who live in this sleepy southern town where golf is the main industry.

Thousands upon thousands of duffers descend on Santee annually because, quite frankly, it’s the best bargain in golf – anywhere.  That is music to the ears of many!

Need to be convinced? Okay, name me the place in the world where you can stay and play for as little as $59 a day, which includes breakfast and power cart.  It is good and it is true?

It doesn’t take golfers long to be converted. Especially when they see what awaits them at courses like Marion Lake, Santee Cooper Country Club and Santee National, layouts that test a player’s skill and imagination – and you’d better have a vivid imagination.  Besides being a challenge, the three aforementioned courses are some of the most cared for in South Carolina, offering manicured fairways and greens that are always being improved. “In recent years all three championship courses have had major improvements – from tee to green,” reports Todd Miller, General Manager of the Santee Cooper Resorts.

With two of the courses sitting on shoreline of Lake Marion – the lake is the largest in South Carolina – you would be hard pressed to find more beautiful courses that offer up the same value as you get in Santee.

Condos have become a much welcomed addition for golfers and that has helped make that a preferred destination. There are now many styles of condo accommodation in Santee and some, like the ones surrounding the Lake Marion course, suit traveling golf foursomes to a tee.  

Besides the three courses mentioned earlier, Santee has another tier of courses on the north shore of Lake Marion that are every bit as good.  Topping that list are the Wyboo Golf Club, Sahnnon Greens and Foxboro.  

Even in peak season – March through April – the cost of playing golf in Santee is very affordable with stay and play packages starting around $85 a day range.  Fall time periods off the best of both worlds in price and conditioning.

Santee has become a favorite with golfers from the wintery northern States. While each of the courses in Santee average around 45,000 rounds a year.

“Our prices remain stable from one year to the next and that is why Santee is always a favorite destination with northern golfers, no gimmicks and no extra charges”  Miller adds  Santee offers a fairly vibrant nightlife considering its size and a lot of dining options for such a small town along with over a dozen top quality hotels and inns. One aspect that really appeals to golfers is that most of the restaurants and bars are in easy walking distance of their accommodation.
“That means they don’t have to drive so they can stay out a little later and enjoy the nightlife,” says Todd, who claims the social aspect of golf is just as important as the game.  We’ll drink to that!

The town of Summerville is about a 40-minute drive from Santee and for golfers who don’t mind the drive on one or two of their days in the south it is a great opportunity to combine a round of golf with a nice dinner in one of the many dining establishments in the Charleston area which is also only 20 minutes from Summerville.  Trust me you will not be disappointed with either.

Both Charleston and Summerville offer up plenty of extras, be it from a historical (civil war) perspective, shopping, dining, or just strolling the streets and soaking up the atmosphere.
But leaving Santee for anywhere else, even for a day, will be tough for golfers to do.

For more information on Santee Golf visit or call for 1-800-250-3080 a Free Golf Guide.