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The TOUR of Greater Boston A Tournament Club for Amateur Golfers
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 04/23/2015

The TOUR of Greater Boston A Tournament Club for Amateur Golfers
Wouldn’t it be great if your putt on the 18th green could mean more than just a $2 nassau? If you like to compete, try The TOUR of Greater Boston and experience real tournament golf. Play events with USGA Rules and a USGA handicap against fellow amateurs for trophies, prizes, and everlasting glory, or at least bragging rights.

When you play on The Tour, you get a wide choice of events, professionally run tournaments, and a USGA Handicap and you meet a fun-loving group who love golf as much as you do.
Variety is the Spice of Golf.

The TOUR hosts about 50+ tournaments each year, on outstanding public and private courses around Eastern New England. If you like seeing and playing new courses, The TOUR is for you. In 2015, The TOUR is playing at Red Tail, Waverly Oaks, Myopia Hunt, Sandy Burr, Belmont CC, Granite Links, Rhode Island CC, Lake Winnipesaukee, Renaissance Golf Club, Butter Brook, Eastward Ho!, and many more.

Tour competitions include a variety of formats, including normal stroke play, stableford, and quota, as well as team formats such as fourball and 27-hole events. The usual tournament size ranges from 40 to 60 players, but is often much higher at special events. There are season-long match play events, and even matches against other clubs.  There’s an annual Ryder Cup-like event against an amateur tour from Pittsburgh played in Binghamton NY (the halfway point for both cities), plus a National Tour Challenge in Orlando each November against tours from four other cities. 

There are also gross and net birdie pools and a close-to-pin prize for every par 3. During the season, Members compile points toward Player of the Year honors.  Everyone shoots for Most Improved Player as well.

The men and women Members of The TOUR have handicaps ranging from 1 to 30 (average is about 12.5). If you can regularly break 100, 90, or 80,  you’ll find plenty of company and several Members break par each year.  The club has an enforced pace-of-play policy that courses love. We don’t rush, but we do play Ready Golf.

How competitive is it? Really, it’s only as competitive as you want to make it. Some players take it very seriously, some just have a great time no matter how the day is going. Usually 20% of the field, gross and net, will walk away with a prize. But in the end, everyone is laughing and telling stories at the 19th hole.
The Club Atmosphere is Why You’ll Stay.

Most members join the first year for the idea of the competition and the courses. But they renew year-after-year because of the people—the characters they meet, the friendships they form, and the good-natured ribbing and rivalries that truly add another level to the game. During the off-season, TOUR members gather for informal dinners,  poker games, SuperBowl parties, Masters parties, bowling, billiards, or trips to somewhere warmer than New England.

Visit  or call 888-645-8687 today. You’ll join for the     tournaments, and you’ll keep coming back for the friendships you make. It’s truly a club.