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MacNeill Engineering, The Champ for 75 years
By Mike Stinton | Published  10/12/2005 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
Why Traction From The Ground Up Will Make You A Better Golfer.
Game improvement for the golfer starts from the ground up and the first thing to hit the turf as you step to the first tee is your shoes, and more specifically the spikes on the sole.
If you haven’t thought about the golf spikes that keep you grounded and play a large part in making you a better golfer, you had better start.
Although there are myriad companies churning out golf products, how many of them have been doing so for almost 75 years, and as the industry leader for much of that time?
How many of these companies still see the founder – at 97 years old – walk through the door each morning to make sure that HIS products are still being manufactured to the highest quality standards because his name is on each and every unit?
Harold MacNeill still heads to his office in Marlborough, MA to make sure that when golfers around the world step up to the first tee, they are doing so with the best traction and durability on the bottom of their golf shoes. Perhaps that’s why his Champ golf spikes are the worldwide leader and why the company is at it’s strongest point as they get set to celebrate 75 years in the business in 2006.
But don’t just ask Harold. The next time you are watching the world’s best, get a good look at the bottom of their shoes. From the PGA TOUR, to the LPGA and every tour in between, Champ spikes and specifically, the phenomenally successful Stinger line – unmistakable in their two-color offering - are what players trust and why Champ is the number one name in golf spikes.
Justin Leonard has won with them. So had Sergio Garcia. The victorious Solheim Cup team from the United States showed off their Stinger spikes when they jumped in the air in celebration. Even the world’s number one professional Tiger Woods can be seen wearing the Stinger in tournament play.
In 2004, Champ golf spikes produced 65 victories on the professional tours and the product is on pace to top that number in 2005.
Now it’s your turn to join the best golfers in the world. You do change your spikes regularly, don’t you?
“Golfers should know that after 20 rounds, their spikes need to be changed,” said Harris MacNeill, President of MacNeill Engineering Worldwide, who has been the worldwide leader in sport cleats providing traction to sports such as track and field, football, soccer and rugby since 1931.
“It’s a teaching process that we are working on right now – to educate the golfer that replacing spikes, specifically with one of our two leading brands, will not only provide the best traction and durability, but it will ultimately improve your game,” said MacNeill.
Confidence over the ball is the first thing that disappears when a golfer is slipping on the turf. But new spikes, like the distinctive black and yellow Scorpion Stinger, or the ScorpionSpikes are not only easy to purchase and replace, but the renewed confidence that a golfer receives on the tee box puts them in a better position, before that first tee is even placed in the ground.
“The striking two-color Stinger is not only appealing to the golfer, but gives them superior traction and lasts twice as long as the nearest competitor,” said MacNeill. The spike comes in all fastening systems: the patented Q-LOK system from Champ, Tri-LOK large thread, and the standard small and large thread. So no matter what brand of shoe you wear, Champ makes a thread system to replace your worn out spikes.
“In fact, when the PGA TOUR Partners asked to test our spikes among their members, 99 percent of the 400 testers said they gave Champ spikes an overwhelming approval rating!” said MacNeill.
The spikes were designed with feedback from thousands of professional and amateur golfers and years of research. There are primary and secondary traction elements that provide gripping power, stability and support from the ground up.
“The spikes have been designed to provide superior comfort without sacrificing traction,” said MacNeill. “They are green-friendly and easy to clean.”
The Stinger also features a Visible Wear Indicator, which lets golfers know exactly when to change their cleats. The unique “C” design on the bottom of the spike turns solid black when the cleat needs changing.
MacNeill reiterates that Champ spikes are available not only at your local pro shop, but in most sporting goods retailers as well as through their website at