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Instructional Tip - Feeling Your Way Back. By Sue Kaffenburgh
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 04/23/2015

Instructional Tip - Feeling Your Way Back. By Sue Kaffenburgh
To get your feeling back, you’ll need to practice having soft hands and wrists which will produce a hinging motion in the back and forward swing. That soft floppy shot can be found again by using the old method of feeling what it’s like to swing the club head.

Grab your sand wedge in your dominant hand (right for righties) and start making very small back and forth swing motions. Seek to feel the weight of the club head swinging on its own timetable. No pulling down to the ground. Allow the heavy head to be affected by gravity, which will bring it down to the ground in a non-rushed, smooth tempo. If you aren’t feeling that, make sure your grip pressure is soft enough to let your awareness focus on that heavy club head, rather than thinking of the gripped handle.

Now put your other hand on, and let the “new” hand learn from the trained one. When tension shows up in your grip pressure, you lose the ability to slide the club face under the ball and let it pass the handle. Yes, there is a release of the club head for this kind of specialty shot. It is not the same shot produced by a forward leaning shaft that hits the ball with little or no release. That’s a useful shot, too, but not the one that will rekindle feel and tempo. Feeling will come back if you practice this small swinging action without a ball, inside, on a carpet. By the way, this is a great drill to do in the middle of a bad round when tension has invaded your body and everything is going wrong!