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John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 10/15/2014

Instructional Tip - Less is More! By Todd Daignault
Golf is a simple game.  All you have to do is put the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. Then why do so many golfers struggle to enjoy this amazing past time? One big reason is confusion and lack of confidence with your clubs.  

The fourteen club rule simply states that a golfer may not have more than fourteen clubs in the bag during a round of golf.   At no point does it say you have to have all fourteen clubs! Many times fewer clubs in the bag will yield better scores for most golfers. Golf is a mental battle against the course.  Knowing this puts confidence at a premium, yet I constantly see golfers attempt to use clubs and try shots that they have no confidence in at all.  When you are dissecting your set make up you should answer one question; does this club hit a yardage I need, and can I do it 3 out of 5 times?

How many times are you going to hit your career 3 wood and get to that par 5 in 2? Now weigh that against how many times you are going to miss hit that 3 wood and the results will cost you even more strokes.  This should lighten your bag by two or three clubs right of the bat.
Have you noticed that a few of your clubs go the same distance?

 Having a proper yardage gap between clubs will eliminate confusion over what club to use and it will help speed up your round.  The goal for any golfer should be 12-15 yards between clubs and 15-20 yards between hybrids and fairway woods.  If you have two or more clubs hitting a similar yardage, look at the percentages.  Which of those clubs do you hit the most consistently?  Do you have confidence in that club?  Then that’s the club to keep and you should sideline the others, doing this will boost your confidence in the clubs you do keep in your bag.

If you want to score your best, you have to eliminate options that can get you into trouble. Try playing a round this way and see if it adds to your fun and subtracts from your score!