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New on the tee: 2014 Wedges
By Tom Landers | Published  08/26/2014 | Wedges | Unrated
New on the tee: 2014 Wedges

Choose Your Friends Wisely!

Let’s face it, if you can’t score from 100 yards in, you can’t score! Many of us are left frustrated by missed greens, chunked or bladed chips, and sand shots that leave us 30 feet from the hole, turning pars into bogeys or worse. You will likely need these “trusty friends” several times throughout your round.
Today’s wedges are designed with a myriad of metals and finishes, bounces, lofts, lies, and state-of-the-art groove technology that allow the golfer to control the most delicate of shots for winning results. Your right wedge is no different than that “trusty” putter; it gives you a feeling of confidence crucial to delivering a clean and efficient strike of the ball from any lie.
Perhaps the most important part of finding the right wedge is finding the right sole configuration, which can be the difference between chili dipping and chipping it close. A wedge’s sole grind has several variables, such as its width, bounce, bounce location, camber and relief. Just like with any other club in your bag, we recommend you find an experienced fitter to help you set up and select the perfect “short game arsenal” for you game.
There are more sole options on the market than at any time in the past. Thus, you have to excuse for not making sure you have in your hands that perfect wedge that gives you the best chance to get it close to the stick or up and down. Here is a list of the best wedges on the market to get you started.



Adams 2014 Watson • $50

Unique Features: The new Tom Watson signature wedges feature slightly more heel relief than last year’s model for shot-making versatility. Lower and deeper center of gravity improves playability from a variety of lies and new sole shaping minimizes digging into the turf, sand and thick rough. Maximum groove volume enhances spin and control while the copper face provides superior feel and improved performance.

Tester Comments: Straightforward design that provides solid, predictable results from all types of lies … Consistent control on both full and partial shots … Crisp at impact with very good feedback to the hands.

Black Magic Golf H Wedge • $120

Unique Features: Black Magic Golf has invented the new H Wedge which features a patented Face Forward Design and a large sweet spot to assist with off center shots. The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allow you to slide the club under the ball on a variety of surfaces creating more spin and lob. Black Magic feature USGA Conforming grooves.

Tester Comments: Looks like a hybrid and the face of the club is in front of the hosel, however the first full swing I took from about 115 yards out. I hit it to 3 feet, It hit a couple more full shots with decent results … was sufficient out of the sand, and could see a bad bunker player loving it … the feeling was “heavy”, but there WAS good feel.

Callaway Mack Daddy 2 • $120

Unique Features: Models include the Mack Daddy 2, Mack Daddy 2 w/C-Grind, Mack Daddy 2 w/U-Grind are forged from 1020 carbon steel with an aggressive groove pattern and increased surface roughness. The laser milled micro-grooves provide more clubface-to-golf ball friction for higher spin out of all lies and from all distances and pre-conditions the faces to add surface roughness after the micro-grooves wear off.

Tester Comments: Soft but solid with plenty of bite with even half shots, only a forged stick feels that good … ultra spin, Great Feel, perfect weight and weight balance ... Being consistent has been the

Cleveland 588 RTX SC • $120

Unique Features: The 588 RTX Satin Chrome wedges combine the performance of company’s classic 588 with added forgiveness and a Rotex face. The Rotex advanced surface roughness technology is designed to produce more friction at impact to generate more spin on chips, pitches and partial shots from any lie.

Tester Comments: The wedge performs beautifully as I expected. I’ve gotten out of sand and thick rough very well thus far. Spin from 40+ yards out has been amazing. Checks up when I need it to … The stopping power was AMAZING! … The wedges are very forgiving, have great feel, easy to hit, look good at address, and phenomenal spin when you want it!

Cobra Tour Trusty • $120

Unique Features: The larger and wider milled grooves create more spin and control trajectory, even on the shortest of wedge shots, and the K-Grind sole optimizes performance and versatility for long, medium, and short/flop shots. Proprietary Variable Feed Rate (VFR) milling delivers optimized surface roughness across the face to maximize spin on all shots.

Tester Comments: I could hit the low spinner and the high flop. It glides through the rough as if it were on rails … Best wedge out of the sand that I tried

Fourteen Golf DJ-11 • $185

Unique Features: The neck portion of the wedge has a semi-goose shape which accentuates the roundness of the club face enabling a more comfortable look for the player. It also allows the club face to square up easily and also a better visualization to the target. The DJ-11 wedges utilizes Fourteen Golf’s original new trapezoidal grooves. The head is made of a nickel chrome molybdenum that is claimed to prevent immediate wear of the grooves.

Tester Comments: Great Forged feel … very consistent from the fairway and easy to judge on greenside and sand shots … Nice soft feel and impact and sole design keeps face nice and square.

Hopkins CJ-1 • $109

Unique Features:Billed as the “Most Customizable Wedge” on the market with over 3 trillion combinations. The grooves on the CJ-1 have maximum USGA dimensions for greatest achievable spin. The CJ-1 milled face pattern creates maximum
surface roughness for even more spin. The wedge is made from 8620 carbon steel and comes in 3 finishes: Satin Chrome, Black Satin, and Tour Raw which is designed to rust over time.

Tester Comments:Nice balanced weighting that allows you to feel the clubhead throughout the swing … predictable results on short shots around green … Nice traditional shape .. Very playable from all lies in fairway and rough.

Nike VR X3X • $130

Unique Features: The Nike VR Forged Wedge features new X3X grooves with a stronger, more aggressive edge and deeper channels that conform to USGA rules. They are forged of the soft 1025 carbon steel and finished in durable satin chrome. A Dual Wide Grind provides all the benefits of a wider sole with a low bounce. A Dual Narrow Grind has a narrow sole width with higher bounce and extreme heel relief, and it sits low to the ball whether square or open. The Standard Grind is Nike’s most versatile profile for all conditions.

Tester Comments: Nice amount of spin, nice flight and very accurate to any pin … This wedge feels great with a nice weight to it … A Must try for any handicap … great control around the greens for pitching and chipping

Ping Tour • $199

Unique Features: Progressive CG positions help to optimize the launch angle and spin rate of each club, and ensure functional distance gaps. The CG position is lower and farther back in the lower-lofted hybrids to increase the launch angle and make them easier to hit in the air. In the mid- and higher-lofted designs, the CG is more forward to minimize spin and prevent ballooning (common in higher-lofted hybrids). Generous chamber heel-to-toe and sole relief in the 17-4 stainless-steel heads ensure playability and solid contact from all types of lies.

Tester Comments: Ping G25 Hybrid was the most forgiving and accurate hybrid I hit, not into a launch monitor , but with actual ball flight to see … Not as long as some, but accuracy is one of the best … Solid shots rocket off the club face, launch high and land soft.

Ping Anser • $170

Unique Features Forged out of soft 8620 steel, PING’s Anser wedges offer a thicker hitting area and reinforced back cavity that improves feel and control. A toe stabilization bar allows for workability with forgiveness when opening the face to play finesse shots around the green.

Tester Comments: These wedges have what I want. The ability to be able to hit a variety of shots from different lies … Getting ball spin is almost effortless … Great greenside control … Loved the control and spin I had from fairway shots.

Renegar Rx14 • $145

Unique Features: The Renegar Golf Wedges are investment cast from soft 304 stainless steel and feature a lower leading edge than many traditional wedges while still maintaining generous bounce. The Rx14 has CNC engraved double milled grooves and a “dusty chrome” finish. Short game shaft designs produce better playability than conventional irons shafts. Short game specific grip developed for better control.

Tester Comments:Very soft feel just like a forged wedge … great control, accuracy, and consistency … Leading edge provides you with a slightly squarer appearance at address for easier alignment … Very versatile on all shots: bunker, lob, pitches, fairway – you have to try these

SCOR 4161 • $149

Unique Features: The distribution of mass specific to each loft helps to ensure consistent trajectories and distance control. The SCOR 4161 wedges feature a unique back design on each of the company’s 21 loft choices said to optimize shot control.

Tester Comments: Great from all turf conditions … Perfectly weighted head felt crisp and was consistent on all shots … Weighting is right behind impact area giving the most solid feel of any wedges I tried … Plenty of spin around greens.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred • $130

Unique Features:The TaylorMade Tour Preferred wedge offers a traditional head shape constructed of soft 304 stainless steel with a raw Tour Satin finish and design. A micro-texture face promotes added spin for increased control in the scoring zone. Tour Preferred Wedge comes in 2 grind options. A new classic grind with traditional shape, heel relief, and Tour-proven bounce options and an ATV grind with refined ATV sole created with Tour pro input.

Tester Comments: : IF you believe the game is played inside 125 yards then try these wedges, period! …. Sole allows for a variety of shots from all types of lies … Sole grind is perfect for all types of ground. Face texture is second to none- no milled rotary here just pure distance and spin control.

Wilson FG Tour TC • $100

Unique Features: The Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedge features Traction Control technology to enhance spin on both long and partial shots. Aggressive Tour-Y grooves are milled to enhance spin on full swings, while micro-spin enhancers, or sets of 11 laser-etched lines between each groove, enhance spin on partial swings.. The wedge’s Traditional sole features optimal width and camber for a player with a medium to steep swing.

Tester Comments: Versatile wedge that performs well around the greens and on full shots down the line … Spin rate and control is all I care about when it comes to a wedge these are perfect … It’s one of the best zipping wedges on the market.

Player’s Choice Awards

Best Appearance
Cleveland 588 RTX SC
Fourteen DJ-11
Nike Tour
Renegar Rx14
TaylorMade Tour Preferred
Wilson FG TC

Best Feel
Cleveland 588 RTX SC
Cobra Tour Trusty
Hopkins CJ-1
Ping Tour
SCOR 4161
TaylorMade Tour Preferred
Wilson FG TC

Best Forgiveness
Cleveland 588 RTX CB
Ping Tour
Ping Anser


Best Consistency
Nike Tour
Renegar Rx14

Best Performance
Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Cleveland 588 RTX SC
Cobra Tour Trusty
Hopkins CJ-1
Ping Tour
Renegar Rx14
SCOR 4161
TaylorMade Tour Preferred
Wilson FG TC

Best Overall
Cleveland RTX 588 SC
Hopkins CJ-1
Ping Tour
Renegar Rx14
SCOR 4161
TaylorMade Tour Preferred
Wilson FG TC