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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 06/24/2014

Explosive Distance Off the Tee! Golfers Gain Up to 40 Yards More
Golf can be very frustrating, especially for golfers struggling with distance issues. If you are looking to recover lost yardage or seeking to add significant distance off the tee, the answer to your prayers just may be the Polara “Advantage” driver. Polara Golf, maker of the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls which essentially eliminates hooks & slices, has now introduced drivers designed to drive the ball farther than any other club on the market. They have gone beyond design limits golf companies adhere to in order to make clubs that can be used by PGA Tour players. Polara drivers enable recreational golfers to hit the ball up to 40 yards farther. The driver club heads are 15 cc’s larger and engineered to launch the ball higher and faster than standard sized drivers, while also providing an extra-large sweet spot for more forgiveness and power on off-center hits.  
They are intended for any golfer whose #1 priority is achieving significantly more distance off the tee.

Why are these drivers longer? The primary advantages come from an ultra-thin beta titanium face and the larger 475cc head size, versus the USGA limit of 460. Beta titanium is a more expensive but stronger alloy, which means the face can be made thinner, delivering a more enhanced trampoline effect. This translates into higher ball velocity, producing longer distance off the tee. The larger head delivers a higher moment of inertia because the center of gravity is moved farther back. This combination also means greater forgiveness on off-center hits.

Though the product was only introduced in limited quantities in late 2013, it already has an almost cult-like following, as indicated by the amount of testimonials the company receives. William Yaeger (Penfield, NY) wrote, “I bought the new Polara Advantage driver and not only am I getting 15-25 MORE yards per average but I’ve had many mishits forgiven by this driver. Especially off the toe.” John Voros (Marshfield, WI) wrote, “I bought a Polara driver and Holy Man!!!! It was like I went back in time to my 20’s (I am 52). I am now driving the ball 275 -300 + yards. Golf is fun again. Thanks.”

The Advantage driver is designed to work with any golf ball.  However, if you have a bad hook or slice, using Polara’s own anti-slice balls with one of the Advantage drivers will produce much longer & straighter shots – guaranteed. 

I know people that quit the game because it was so frustrating but began playing again using Polara equipment. Tom Matthews (San Marcos, CA) used to slice the ball so badly it would curve a country mile. He became a timid golfer, driving no more than 200 yards. Tom said, “I stopped playing altogether because the game was no longer fun. When I heard about Polara golf equipment I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. I took out the Polara 12° driver and I hit a Polara Ultimate Straight ball as hard as I could. I added at least 60 yards to my drives. Using the Polara   ball in combination with their driver, I stopped worrying about my slice and was able to swing freely. Polara has made the game fun again, improved my scores and now I am playing once a week.”

Polara drivers are available in four models. Find out which one will deliver the added distance you need. David Moody (Louisville, KY) said, “I have no doubt the Advantage driver has added length to my drives. I have gone from the short knocker to one of the longer drivers in our group. With the driver and the XD balls I have not lost a ball in the last several rounds. In fact the balls are getting beat up to the point I have to replace them.”

Polara drivers and golf balls are designed for the majority of golfers who want to take advantage of technology improvements, to score lower and have more fun. “Our clubs and balls take away a lot of the frustrations people experience in golf,” said Polara’s David Felker, “Who doesn’t want to hit straight drives 20-40 yards longer?”

For a limited time, purchase any Polara driver for $199 ($100 discount) and get a free Polara 6-ball trial pack.  For additional information or to purchase a Polara driver  go to or call (866) 556-3100 and a trained Polara Golf Specialist will determine which driver will give you much moryardage – guaranteed.