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2014 Father's Day Gift Guide
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 06/6/2014

2014 Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

2014 Father's Day Gift Guide

Quickster Chipping Net

Practice your short game anytime, anywhere with the Quickster Chipping Net. The quick set up net features three different sized target holes and a ball-catching slot at the bottom for missed shots. It is perfect for use with regular or practice golf balls in the home, garage, basement or backyard. This is part of SKLZ Home Range collection and can be found on for $39.99.

If you're feeling creative you can design a custom wedge for your favorite golfer (We'll help you at or you can get a gift card so they can build their own. Hopkins wedges are tour proven, custom wedges that can be customized for course conditions, player preferences and even personal touches like names, icons or personal messages engraved right on the club. And they're priced right. This is the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything.

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To Hit Far, You Gotta "Crush It"

You hear lots of tips on how to hit a golf ball far, really far. And a few of them are actually true, including this one: To go long, you need a weight-moving-forward swing.
This amazing training aid – aptly called Crush-It – that encourages you to transfer weight to your front
foot. Place Crush-It under the ball of your front foot. You'll feel resistance and will have confirmation of moving your weight forward as you "crush" the training aid. Try Crush-It today and discover the key to a powerful swing!

GOLFSTR: Straight Arm Brain Trainer

Wear GOLFSTR+ in practice or while you play 18 holes as a gentle reminder to keep your leading arm straight for more power, consistent hits and lower scores. And there are 5 more uses to correct 5 more swing problems: Putting, Chipping and Lag Training. A Brain Trainer for every swing in your game. One size fits all (left or right). Available in black or white arm band.


The NexBelt

Dad deserves a belt this year and we’re talking the one he can wear around his waist. Nexbelt is being worn by Tour players such as Kevin Na and Marc Leishman. They love the Nexbelt for the convenience of the built in ball marker and how it fits their bodies precisely with its 1/4” adjustment, allowing better comfort which means a better golf game. Nexbelts are cut to size and will fit up to a 50” waist so you don’t have to know your dad’s waist size. Simple! Available at major golf stores and courses or at

The Cure RX Putters
When the Cure RX Putter line debuted at this year’s PGA Merchandise show in January, it was immediately the “Belle of the Ball,” being named by among the best new products. Since then, it’s been put in the hands of Tour players and amateurs alike with great success. Co-invented by PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman, a man who made his living on the course as a great putter and off the course as a great innovator, the Cure RX1 and Cure RX2 are the only completely customizable putters on the market, plus with the biggest sweet spot available and a super aiming system, this is the prescription to your putting woes. Personalize the lie angle, the weighting and even shaft length with just the turn of a few screws. Join the Cure RX Putters revolution.

Axis 1 Golf
The Axis1 Eagle’s patented innovation shifts the heel weight forward of the striking face, and places the center of gravity of the club exactly on the sweet spot of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft at the same time. This unique balance eliminates a putter’s tendency to open up, resulting in more on-line putts and lower scores.

The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is an affordable training aid with which golfers can obtain immediate real-time feedback on clubhead swing speed and tempo time to improve consistency and optimize swing speed for more distance and control. It can be used at the driving range, in the backyard, or during practice rounds. Because of its portability and affordability, it is also a favorite of instructors and clubmakers.


Play Nine

Play Nine® is the new card game of golf designed for two to six players, ages 8 to adult. The object is to shoot the lowest score, and after nine holes, the lowest score wins. Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy Play Nine. The combination of strategy and luck-of-the-draw keeps the fun and challenge going down to the last hole. Play Nine is easy to learn and fun to play.

Stack and Tilt
Understanding the Numbers, Stack & Tilt® 2.0 is a newly released 4-Disc DVD set released earlier this year by PGA Tour instructors, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. With over 6 hours of comprehensive instruction, there is something for everyone from the novice to the expert player. All the latest technologies are used and demonstrated in this DVD series as well as interviews from PGA Tour players, such as Charlie Wi and Al Geiberger.

This DVD series is the 1st ever, to offer a 3 Dimensional description of the golf swing, using AMM 3-D, Trackman, GASP forceplates and Pro Tracer (often seen on TV telecasts).

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GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS rangefinder is a technological marvel with unparalleled features and functions. It allows you access to worldwide courses in the size of a matchbox, with an astounding 40,000 course storage capacity. Over 37,000 courses from around the world come pre-loaded and any additional downloads are free of charge. The most awing features are the ease-of-use, the voice telling you the distances to the front, center, back of the green, and the vibrant user interface. GolfBuddy’s database of courses is updated on a weekly basis, every Friday. or 888-251-6058

The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to "Make Your Mark" with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!
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