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The Secret Grip Can Change Your Game
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 10/3/2013

The Secret Grip Can Change Your Game

When Stephen Boccieri, CEO and president of Boccieri Golf, invented the Heavy Putter he investigated making a grip with a weight in it for the putter but was not able to achieve the necessary weight to balance the club. However, he put the project on the back shelf of his creative mind because he felt he could make a swing grip with a weight in it that would work nicely for conventional clubs.

So, Boccieri eventually developed the Secret Grip and headed to the PGA Merchandise Show to do some testing. As it turned out, some 97 percent of the golfers tested preferred the Secret Grip over the identical club with a standard grip.

“Initially we were just developing the grip for our customers to match up their sets, but after the PGA show we circled the wagons and realized everyone loved the Secret Grip and we needed to offer it to all golfers,” Boccieri said. “What was shocking about the entire process was that we had a hard time convincing golfers to switch to our clubs even when they hit them more consistently and with greater distance.”

Conventional grips weigh about 50 grams, while the Secret Grip weighs 92 grams, some of which is due to a heavier compound the company uses. But the real “secret” is a tungsten weight that is installed in the butt cap.
“We also designed a grip that is longer by one inch than conventional grips and we built up the lower hand profile to promote more even grip pressure,” said Boccieri. “This profile is preferred by a lot of Tour players but the only way to accomplish this was to add numerous wraps of tape under the grip.”

The benefit of the Secret Grip is that it improves a golfer’s control, consistency, and in some cases, increases distance, simply by changing the club’s balanc point. In addition to a higher balance point, the club is statically heavier, which keeps the golfer on plane, yet has a lighter swing weight to allow the player to move the club more efficiently.

Over 100,000 golfers have gone to the Secret Grip to date and Jack Nicklaus has endorsed the product. As he said “What’s the big deal? I back weighted my clubs my whole career, why wouldn’t I endorse something I actually used.”