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Stack & Tilt Golf Academy at Club Med Sandpiper Bay
John Torsiello
By John Torsiello
Published on 10/3/2013

Stack & Tilt Golf Academy at Club Med Sandpiper Bay

A Stack and Tilt Golf Academy is now being offered at Club Med Sports Academies at Sandpiper Bay in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Other locations will be in the Caribbean, France, Turkey, Brazil and China, which will create a global training, competitive and educational environment for young up and coming golfers that will be training at the facilities, said Greg Breunich, managing director of Club Med Academies and former senior vice president, IMG and director, IMG Academies who has worked with some of the most influencial sports instructors in the world.

“We picked Sandpiper because it is already up and running,” said Bruenich. “Club Med Academies at Sandpiper Bay already had tennis, golf, triathlon, running, and recently finalized an agreement to be the national training center of the National Volleyball League.”

                Breunich explained the genesis of the relationship between the Stack and Tilt program and Club Med Academies.

 “When Don Law, director of the Club Med Academies golf program, began the process of familiarizing himself with the Stack and Tilt swing system his relationship with Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer (founders of Stack and Tilt) quickly drifted into a discussion about developing the Stack and Tilt Golf Academy, a long desired initiative of Mike and Andy since the inception of introducing their system to the golf world. It seemed to make sense to Mike, Andy and Don Law ((Director of the Club Academies golf program at Club Med Academies), as well as myself, to reposition the golf academy program at Club Med Academies to become the first Stack and Tilt Golf Academy, with Mike and Andy relocating and hubbing out of the Club Med in Sandpiper Bay. It has all the ingredients necessary for a world class golf academy. In fact, Club Med’s offerings are far superior to any other golf academy in the world.”
Each Academy golfer, whether coming with his or her family and residing in the resort or staying with the Academy at the resort, will be treated as guests and enjoy all of the all-inclusive rights that go along with staying at the resort, either short term or long term. Amenities include restaurants, a five-lane lap pool, a large family pool, an adult infinity pool, and 18-hole golf course, five putting greens, an eight-hole short game, a double-ended range, 21 tennis courts, and onsite academic schools. All students of the Academy stay in resort rooms, with occupancy two to three persons for semester golfers and occupancy for four for the golfer attending short term.

 “One thing is clear, you will not find any place that has three coaches the caliber of Mike, Andy and Don Law, all of whom are dedicated to building future champions. I have been around the greatest of great coaches in the world of golf and have developed many of the young 40-and-under coaches that are out there. Andy and Mike arguably are the best coaches in the industry today. Their swing system has unveiled the way the swing works and is how the greatest players hit the ball. More importantly, they have come up with a simple 10-word delivery to allow even the newest golfer to the game to experience immediate results.”

Breunich said the Academy will draw players from all walks of life “Mike, Andy, Don and myself are committed to building young talent. It won’t be long before you see astonishing results from the Stack and Tilt Academy. As we get into the initiative, it will expand around the world and utilize the Club Med network of properties under a common culture, common infrastructure and a scalable program.”

Breunich said golfers who participate at the Stack and Tilt Academy will enjoy “a rich experience traveling the world, competing, training and continuing their studies.”