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Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 01/12/2015

TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons
Product of the Week, January 14, 2013

TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

The RocketBladez irons have a large cavity behind their stainless steel faces that lowers the center of gravity and pulls it farther away from the face, making them forgiving and high-flying. That’s not new. What is new is a 2-milimeter-wide slot in the sole of the 3- through 7-irons that’s covered with polyurethane to help quiet vibration while keeping debris out. The company is calling it a ‘Speed Pocket’ and says the slot allows the unsupported, 1.6mm thick face to move and flex more easily at impact, especially on shots hit low in the face.
The by-product of these design innovations is COR numbers that are on par with a driver, faster ball speeds and more consistent flight on off-center hits. According to TaylorMade designers, the slot and the added face flex will cause the ball to launch higher, fly 2-5 yards farther and land on a steeper angle of descent so it stops more easily. This performance might equate to the distance of a 6-iron with the launch angle of a 7-iron, and so on through the set. The RBladez have a notch on the rear side of the hosel to make it easier to change the lofts and lie angles for custom fitting.

$799 steel / $899 “RocketFuel” graphite

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Miura Golf CB-501 Irons
Product of the Week, February 25, 2013                                            


Miura Golf CB-501 Irons    


When Iron Design Meets Golf Opportunity    


In my many visits to our Miura Golf factory in Himeji, Japan, I have had pretty much had free run of the place. In all my explorations, I have never seen a drawing board. Reason is simple: it’s not necessary. The designs start in Mr. Miura’s mind, and mature as he shares them with other experts in the company.


Oh, there are drawings. I’ve seen fascinating sketches fly from the fingers of Bill Holowaty, our vice president of product engineering, as we all gather around the table in the conference room upstairs. Mr. Miura will nod; his son Shinei will draw in a line to suggest an enhancement; his other son Yoshitaka will show, by a hand motion, how a careful grind on the heel will improve the turf travel.


And so a golf club comes to life. This free-wheeling but careful creation process has led to many outstanding irons, such as our CB-501, at the moment one of our most popular cavity backs. Mr. Miura figured that adding a discreet weight bar to the bottom of the cavity would raise the trajectory a bit compared to our CB-202, the 501’s “sister” head. And it did, but not so much that the flight ballooned. That’s when the Miuras knew they had something worth moving on with.         


Mr. Miura always seems to have such ideas moving around in his head, combinations of innovation and the heritage of other models -- a sole idea from a club he made years ago, a new take on toe height from something one of his sons came up with. Many never get past the prototype stage. Those that do have been through a gauntlet of testing that may seem repetitive to the Western mind, but is the patient price of golf artistry to the Japanese way of thinking.         


The result, in the case of the 501, is a forged club with all the technology advantages that a cavity and a well-honed sole can deliver -- all hidden from view in the hitting position by a top-line of svelte, simple beauty. That has been the key to the club’s success -- it’s not just a work of art, it’s a useful one.         


And a thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever, many golfers have found -- talking not just about their 501s, but also about the divots they carve, and the exciting ball flight of which those turf gems are evidence.

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Nike VR_S Covert Driver
Product of the Week, March 5, 2013

Nike VR_S Covert Performance & VR_S Covert Tour drivers

Nike Golf is billing the VR_S Covert driver as "the most innovative club" the company has ever produced. It features 3 proprietary technologies; High Speed Cavity Back, FlexLoft adjustability and a NexCOR face that are said to combine for enhanced distance, control and forgiveness. 
The High Speed Cavity Back describes the back-middle section of the sole that has been removed to produce a slightly higher MOI. It also helps move the center of gravity a little more forward, which produces a more boring ball flight. The Cavity Back is only visible from the sole hence the name “Covert.” The FlexLoft system allows for adjustment of face angle and loft (between 8.5 and 12.5 degrees,) independently of each other. The NexCor face features an enlarged sweet spot so that slight mis-hits will maintain ball speed more effectively.
With a 460cc head and silver-toned face, the VR_S Covert Performance is designed to be slightly more forgiving and have a higher ball flight than the black faced 430cc VR_S Covert Tour edition. The Covert Tour's smaller head and deeper face are designed to help better players shape their tee shots more easily.
Both drivers will come standard with a low-torque Mitsubishi Diamana Kura Kage shaft.

$299 / Tour $399

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Volvik Vista iV Golf Balls
Product of the Week, April 29, 2013

Volvik Vista iV

The new 4-piece Vista iV from Volvik provides world leading technology with 12 worldwide patents and features a soft feel and longer distance achieved by a the world's first patented dual core featuring a soft outer layer and a hard inner core. The optimal spin separation generated by the more solid inner core creates longer distance off the driver and long irons while the spin increases closer to the green due to the soft outer core, producing higher spin in short irons for total control.

This 95-compression ball has an excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates are made possible by the more durable Zirconium Z-I Cover and the ball feature an improved flight stability designed 392 Cube-Octahedron dimple pattern. Enhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors available, comes standard in Yellow, Orange, Green and Pink. Dozen's available in a Rainbow package or in all Yellow, all Orange, all Green, all Pink or in an even split of Orange and Yellow. Price: $47.99

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The Putting Stick
Product of the Week, May 7, 2013

The Putting Stick

The Putting Stick endorsed by U.S. Golf School’s Crum

Some of the game’s top teachers have discovered that the new model of the Putting Stick®, available from TPK Golf (, can help golfers of all levels to improve their putting with less mechanics and short accelerated square-to-square strokes.

The United States Golf Schools (www.ussog) and the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America ( have officially endorsed the Putting Stick® as one of its short game training aids.

Mitchell Crum, Director of Instructors of the USGS in Murrels Inlet, S.C. and President of the PGTCA, is a believer in the merits of the Putting Stick® and indicated he has been using it in coaching Bo Van Pelt, who went from 146th to 11th in strokes gained by putting on the PGA Tour in 2012. In addition, Van Pelt was only one of six touring pros who did not miss from inside three feet in 2012 and he had more chances than the other five with 676. He also had 10 top 10 finishes, the most by any American.

Crum and other teachers find the Putting Stick® is just as helpful for students at the U.S. Golf Schools--located in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin plus Canada.

“By utilizing the Putting Stick®, we can gain precise feedback about a student’s putting stroke,” Crum indicated. “Lack of feedback is the chief reason golfers do not improve putting even with practice, especially incorrect practice.

“Most importantly, it teaches the student to learn without the thought of mechanics.

“The Putting Stick® allows golfers to continuously monitor backswing length, showing when the backswing might be too long.

“The Putting Stick shows the accuracy of a square blade at impact since the ball will roll off the stick if not struck correctly.

“The attached alignment mirror allows golfers to monitor if their eye alignment and setup are correct throughout the practice sessions.

“If golfers spend 10 to 15 minutes a day of proper practice with square-to-square or inside-to-square-to-inside strokes on the Putting Stick®, it will change their life on the greens.

“We’ve made some modifications to the original design and have patents pending,“ said Vlad Gribovsky, President of TPK Golf.

The Putting Stick® is manufactured from the finest quality materials to exacting standards and is 46 inches long, an inch wide and 3/8 inch deep, looking like a ruler. It can be used inside or outdoors and comes with a leveling bubble to ensure that the surface is flat.

Gribovsky added that an instructional video and/or DVD will be provided with each of the training aids, containing detailed information on the assembly and how to use it to improve their putting.

TPK Golf 316 Industrial Blvd. Waconia, MN 55387 800 433-4653

®TPK, Inc. specializes in full grain leather products made in the U.S. Among the golf products are bag tags, shoe bags, scorecard and yardage books holders and valuable pouches that can be laser engraved with names or logos. TPK’s unique Back Saver Wallet has received the endorsement of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. Owner Vlad Gribovsky also is an agent for the Infamous 18 Holes of Golf by artist Bud Chapman and the distributor of the new Putting Stick.

For more information visit

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Alphard Duo Golf Cart Bag + Cart In-One
Product of the Week, October 7, 2013

Alphard Duo Golf Cart
Bag + Cart In-One

The revolutionary Duo Cart is an all-in-one pushcart and golf bag combination that is extremely compact, so it fits easily in the trunk of your car, and takes just seconds to set up. With the turn of a handle, the hydraulic assisted frame has your bag locked in place and ready to go. Not the right height? That’s okay. The Duo Cart is the only pushcart in the industry that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the handlebar to make it more comfortable and easier to push. The Duo Cart has four wheels that provide a low center of gravity and outstanding stability on even the roughest terrain. The unique varied height base features fourteen full-length dividers that minimize club rattling. The Bag itself has a plethora of storage pockets for balls, tees, raingear, and other necessities as well as a built-in Cooler Pocket (with drains) that can store up to six ice cold drinks. It comes standard with attachable accessories like an umbrella holder and an adjustable drink holder and other accessories like a GPS holder and cart seat can be ordered separately as well.

Another interesting feature of the Duo Cart is its unique fabric layer, known as the “skin”, which can be easily detached in less than a minute. With multiple colors to choose from (Red, Black or Navy), the skin can be switched out to compliment your apparel or express your style on the course. Best of all the Duo Cart is what I like to call “Riding Cart Friendly”, which means its front and rear wheels can be removed from the anodized aluminum frame in just seconds and converted into a cart bag, which fits on all standard electric or gas carts, should you decide to Ride instead of Walk!

The Duo Cart sells for $299.95 and can be ordered online at

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The Secret Grip by Boccierri Golf
Product of the Week, October 1, 2013

The Secret Grip Can Change Your Game


When Stephen Boccieri, CEO and president of Boccieri Golf, invented the Heavy Putter line in 2003, he also explored the idea of producing a back-weighted grip. Fast forward to 2011 and the idea moved from the back shelf of his creative mind to the forefront. Testing at the PGA Merchandise Show showed that 97% of players who tested the Secret Grip preferred it over the identical club with a standard grip.

“Initially we were developing the grip for our customers to install on their conventional clubs so they would match the Boccieri Golf counter-balanced clubs in their bag. But after the PGA show, we circled the wagons and realized the preference levels were off the charts so it didn’t make sense to limit the distribution to our customers,” Boccieri said. “What was shocking was while golfers did not embrace the counter-balanced technology in my clubs, they loved the technology of the Secret Grip when they could put it on the OEM clubs in their bag.”

Conventional grips weigh about 50 grams versus the 92 grams found in the Secret Grip, some of which is due to a heavier compound the company uses. But the real “secret” is a tungsten weight installed in the butt cap.

“We also designed a grip longer by one inch than conventional grips and we built up the lower hand profile to promote more even grip pressure,” said Boccieri. “This profile is preferred by a lot of Tour players but the only way to accomplish this was to add numerous wraps of tape under the grip.” The benefit of the Secret Grip is that it improves a golfer’s control, consistency, and in some cases, increases distance, simply by changing the club’s balance point. In addition to a higher balance point, the club is statically heavier, which keeps the golfer on plane, yet has a lighter swing weight to allow the player to move the club more efficiently.

Over 100,000 golfers have gone to the Secret Grip to date and Jack Nicklaus has endorsed the product. As he said “What’s the big deal? I back weighted my clubs my whole career, why wouldn’t I endorse something I actually used.”

For more information visit

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TaylorMade SLDR Driver
Product of the Week, October 12, 2013

TaylorMade SLDR

“A forward and low CG is the holy grail for creating maximum ball velocity and optimizing launch conditions,” says TaylorMade’s chief technical officer Benoit Vincent. “A low and forward CG creates a larger area of the face that will produce higher launch angles and lower spin. Higher launch with lower spin leads to a longer carry on tee shots combined with the potential for more roll because of the shallower descent angle.” So that’s exactly what TaylorMade did with the SLDR. But the improvements don’t stop at just high launch, low spin and a larger sweet spot.

When you see the SLDR for the first time the first thing you notice is that it is not white! But when you look at the undercarriage, you see that TaylorMade has “reinvented” moveable weight by placing an adjustable weight, (now a full 20 grams!) in a “speed slot” mechanism on the sole located right behind the face much like in the company’s “fast faced” RocketBallz fairway woods and rescues. The new sliding weight system is not only more user-intuitive with clear designations for “DRAW” or “FADE,” it’s also better technology,” says Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation.

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JumboMax Grips
Product of the Week, October 19, 2013

JumboMax® Grips

The USGA Conforming, JumboMax Grip, with its patented design and larger diameter, provides a more secure Finger-Palm Grip which makes for a tension-free connection to the club. This Finger-Palm Grip Technology promotes relaxed grip pressure, more consistent squaring of the clubface, and a more fluid and powerful swing. Golf instructors universally agree that the surest way to ruin a good golf swing is by gripping the club too tightly, or by increasing grip pressure during the swing, which prevents the club from releasing properly at impact. The larger diameter and unique design of the JumboMax Grips instantly gives you a more secure hold on the club, so you don’t feel the need to squeeze it too tightly. You’ll relax your grip on the club freeing your hands and arms to release the club naturally, giving you the fluid, effortless and powerful swing you need. Not only do JumboMax Grips outperform standard grips for distance and accuracy they have the added benefit of being extremely comfortable and shock-absorbing. If you have arthritic hands, you will really appreciate our super-oversized, twist- resistant, shock absorbing technology.

Yes, these grips are for you! From novices to advanced players, everyone can benefit from quiet hands and the relaxed grip provided by JumboMax Grips. They will quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf…GUARANTEED! JumboMax Grips have been extensively tested by golfers of all abilities and are quickly developing an incredible following. Golfers are experiencing better control, increased distance, more confidence and are just having more fun on the golf course!

Order a TRIAL SET, FULL SET or an INDIVIDUAL JumboMax Grip. Install ONE of them on your golf club of choice and try it RISK-FREE for 60 days. If you don’t agree that JumboMax Grips are the most comfortable golf grips on the market and improve your ball striking and accuracy they’ll take them back!

To order call 1-800 573-4747 or visit

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Hopkins Wedges
Product of the Week, October 28, 2013

Hopkins Golf Wedges

Hopkins Golf allows customers to design wedges on the company’s website and order them directly from Hopkins Golf instead of buying them through traditional retail outlets.

To remove any risk, the company offers a “No Questions Asked,” 30-day return policy. If for any reason the buyer is not happy with the firm’s wedges, they can let the company know and send them back for an exchange or full refund, with Hopkins paying for shipping.

All Hopkins wedges are crafted the same way the company makes them for its Tour players. They are made of 8620 Carbon Steel, un-chromed, for great feel and rusting purposes; have grooves that have maximum USGA dimensions for increased spin; have Tour-authentic components, such as Lamkin grips, True Temper and KBS shafts; come in six different custom grinds; and feature custom personalization, including engraving, stamping and custom colors.

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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Driver
Product of the Week, November 4, 2013

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Driver

The XCG7 adjustable driver is available in two different clubheads, 440 cc (Beta) and 460 cc, and features upgraded performance in a titanium, 460 cc driver head that produces easy-launching and high trajectory with added forgiveness. The new driver incorporates added adjustability with loft options from 8.5 to 12 degrees in half- degree increments.

The Beta, 440 cc adjustable clubhead presents a smaller, refined shape composed of titanium with a deeper, beta titanium face. The new head also incorporates added adjustability with loft options from 8.5 to 12 degrees in half degree increments creating a penetrating trajectory.

Four advanced-position hexahedron weight pads maximize moment of inertia for greater stability in each clubhead. The weighting positions the center of gravity in the optimal location in the XCG7 lower and deeper in the head for mid spin and a higher launch angle. For a more penetrating launch angle, and to minimize spin, the pads in the Beta are located higher and closer to the face.

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Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons
Product of the Week, November 11 19, 2013

Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons

Combining Mizuno’s Hot Metal face design and ultra pocket cavity (in the four- through 7-iron) allows the JPX-EZ irons to fire higher and longer with a predictable, tight dispersion for better accuracy on all shots. A Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.) engineered cavity frame ensures that the JPX-EZ feels “like every Mizuno iron should, but with forgiveness you can’t imagine.”

The irons maximum pocket cavity on the four- through seven-iron produces a massive sweet area, tight shot dispersion, and effortless launch characteristics for closer shots to the pin and enhanced confidence at address.

A deep pocket cavity in the 8-iron through gap wedge in the set is designed to improve accuracy and launch control, while a Hot Metal Face is actually a multi-thickness design that creates a maximum coefficient of restitution to deliver long, consistent distance.

The Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T) also produces superb feel and sound through a cavity frame design to give the golfer better feedback on shots. Custom set make ups are available in mixed/combo sets or with JPX FLI-HI long iron alternatives.

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The New True Temper XP Series Shafts
Product of the Week, January 6, 2014

The New True Temper XP Series Shafts

We all aspire to play inside the ropes but few ever do. The new XP Series brings your game inside the ropes by delivering explosive power and distance to every iron in the bag. Robot and player testing has shown an average of 6-8 yards improvement in carry distance with many players seeing double-digit yardage gains. Featuring optimized trajectory in a superlight weight design, the XP shafts are engineered to be the longest and most forgiving steel iron shafts in the game today. To learn more about the new XP Series from True Temper,

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TaylorMade Jetspeed Driver, Golfing Magazine's Product of the Week
Product of the Week, January 28, 2014                                            


TaylorMade Jetspeed Driver


          Over the last decade, TaylorMade Golf has been the undeniable leader in the metalwoods. If imitation is the purest form of flattery, then TaylorMade is indeed the belle of the ball! Once again the Company has raised the bar with their new JetSpeed line of metalwoods. The JetSpeed fairway woods and Rescue™ clubs each incorporate a radically redesigned Speed Pocket that’s smaller and accounts for less weight while remaining just as efficient at boosting the speed of the clubface. Unlike the Speed Pockets in their previous fairways and Rescues, which were empty, JetSpeed’s is filled with polymer to keep debris out and absorb unwanted vibration without slowing down the clubface - which had been, pardon the pun, a major sticking point with both the RBZ and RBZ Stage 2 fairways and Rescues. JetSpeed fairway woods are equipped with Matrix’s Velox T 69 shaft and are available in 5 lofts
          Speed Pocket now in a Driver!
          The JetSpeed driver features the first Speed Pocket engineered specifically for a driver. The Speed Pocket promotes more distance on shots hit low on the clubface while a low-and-forward center of gravity promotes faster ball speed. The JetSpeed driver also boasts reduced spin off of the tee that results in additional distance.
        Moving away from the Company’s signature white clubheads the JetSpeed line features elegant matte black crowns that help reduce distracting glare and contrasting silver markings to make alignment easy. All JetSpeed metalwood clubfaces are made of JetSteel of an ultra-strong steel alloy that adds to the speed of the face. 


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Lamkin’s New High-Performance UTx Golf Grips, Golfing Magazine's Product of the Week
Product of the Week, January 6, 2014

Lamkin’s New High-Performance UTx Golf Grips

Lamkin Grips' golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing the first leather golf grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry's widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to be the trusted choice of world class golfers around the world. With the introduction of their new line of high-performance UTx grips they’re about to rock the world once again!

In development for more than two years, this distinctive new grip is the first to feature the company's proprietary Tri-Layer Technology, designed to optimize grip feel for enhanced shot-making capabilities and exceptional wet-weather performance. The UTx grip is made up of three functional layers that, when blended together, create a grip that feels and performs like no other. The foundation of the grip is made of a super tacky and softer ACE 3GEN material to provide enhanced comfort. The middle layer is a moisture-wicking fabric weave that delivers surface traction and tremendous grip control in wet weather. The outer layer is a firmer ACE 3GEN compound designed to limit torque and minimize shot dispersion. The enhanced surface tack of the UTx allows golfers to maintain a tension-free grip necessary for optimizing swing speed and shot distance. These new high performance UTx grips are offered in three colors in both a standard and midsize option.

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Champ Grips, Golfing Magazine's Product of the Week
Product of the Week, January 20, 2014

Champ Grips

CHAMP has officially entered the global grip market. Like all our previous products, these new lines were designed and engineered with a strong emphasis on technical innovation and game-improving performance. The new CHAMP grip collection was designed with technical innovation and pizzazz as the unique end cap color code and numbering system is something that hasn’t been seen in the market yet. This helps the industry and the golfing consumer to easily identify the different models while identifying the grip range from the entry level standard grips (C2) through the premium Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) grips (C8).

To learn more about the CHAMP C-Grip collection visit or contact CHAMP at 800-OK-CHAMP

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Aquimo “Pin High” iPhone App, Golfing Magazine's Product of the Week
Product of the Week, February 3, 2014

Aquimo “Pin High” iPhone App

Who doesn't want to round up three of their closest golfing buddies and play the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale with bragging rights on the line and the massive stadium crowd ready to cheer -- or boo -- wildly? Well now you can -- whenever you want, wherever you want. With the new Aquimo "Pin High" iPhone app, your phone is all you need to deliver a high-definition simulation of the action at No. 16 or a number of different locations and holes.

With stunning graphics, unbelievably realistic simulation, an easy-to-use design that allows your phone to act as the club, and the ability to play with people all over the country or world, Aquimo "Pin High" is just the solution when everyday factors prevent you from actually getting out on the course. So pick up your phone, download the app and stick it close to the pin!

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Miura MB001 Irons, Golfing Magazine's Product of the Week
Product of the Week, February 17, 2014

Miura MB001 Irons

The MB001 is forged in Miura’s own forge in Himeji, Japan of a low-carbon, premium Japanese steel and has a W nickel (satin) chrome finish.

The MB001 design is the result of years of study and careful consideration of iron performance by the Miura family. Yoshitaka Miura, elder son of founder Katsuhiro Miura and a club-grinding expert who learned under his father, led the project. He had the advice of his brother Shinei, who supervises forging operations at the company's factory and forge in Himeji, Japan, and of course his father.

The sole shape and size, subtly adjusted from successful designs of earlier models, gets through the turf more efficiently and gives the player a better chance of keeping the club face square at impact. In a properly fitted MB001, this sole delivers a consistently sized, crisp divot that is evidence of a solid, efficient strike.

The flow of steel from the hosel to the low-offset head is smooth, elegant, and non-reflective. Yoshitaka-san took a lot of time to get this right; he also focused carefully on the relationship of the toe and heel so that they look harmonious as a whole. The MB001 head is almost the same length heel-to-toe as their Tournament Blade, and like that club, offers plenty of "face space" without looking overly long.

While the MB001, like all Miura irons, can be adjusted for lie angle by authorized Miura dealer/fitters, the entire aspect of this club at address gives a more upright aspect to the golfer. Without feeling cramped, the player feels closer to the ball, able to see all of it without adjusting away from a comfortable head position. This better view of the ball adds to pre-stroke confidence.

As with all Miura irons, the back of the club head is uncrowded, simple, and designed for striking beauty. Less is a great deal more.

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Volvik Golf Balls
Product of the Week, May 5, 2014

Volvik Golf Balls

The #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour
and Leading the High-Performance Color Golf Ball Revolution

If you have watched any LPGA Tour events in the last couple of years you have probably noticed that there is a color golf ball revolution happening out there, thanks to the good folks at Volvik. In 2013 on the LPGA Tour, Volvik had 195 total instances of professionals using their Vista golf balls in tournament play (77 Orange, 71 Yellow, 44 Pink and 3 Green). This made Volvik as high as the #3 most played golf ball last year on the LPGA Tour. And all of those golf balls have been of the colored variety. Already in a very short amount of time Volvik has penetrated the PGA TOUR and will have a ball in play at the Masters, a giant feat for a growing golf ball brand in the US market.

Volvik is now in play on the PGA TOUR, Champions and Tour. After the 2013 season Volvik signed PGA TOUR winner and Masters champion Craig Stadler, 3-time major champion Larry Nelson and PGA TOUR winner Tim Petrovic.

Volvik's tagline is The #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour and they are focusing attention on their niche on the surging color golf ball market. With the help of tour validation, Volvik is helping golfers everywhere realize that it's OK to bring color to their game.

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TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons
Product of the Week, May 12, 2014

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

The new elongated Speed Pocket of the SpeedBlade Irons creates a faster face and more ball speed across a larger area of the face. The Speed Pocket creates a faster face and more ball speed across a larger area of the face: from the center, down low, towards the toe, and towards the heel. With the lowest center of gravity of any TaylorMade iron, the SpeedBlade is easier to launch, delivers more speed, forgiveness, and distance than any TaylorMade iron.

The advanced head structure, Speed Pocket polymer, and multi-material badge absorb unwanted vibration to promote fantastic sound and feel. The classic Matte gray finish reduces glare and each iron comes individually engineered to optimized distance, trajectory, control, and spin, thus balancing the distance gaps between each iron.

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TaylorMade SLDR S Driver
Product of the Week, May 17, 2014

TaylorMade SLDR S Driver

The TaylorMade SLDR S Driver is SLDR distance for ALL.

Its modern/classic shape with satin silver crown and black button back provide for easy alignment, while a low and forward center of gravity (CG) promotes high launch, fast ball speed, and low spin for exceptional distance.

The SLDR S driver comes without the adjustable hosel of the original SLDR however does have an adjustable sliding weight bar on the sole to help manipulate ball flight.

This driver was created for golfers who want the distance-enhancing benefits of a low-forward CG and the accuracy-enhancing advantages of our SLDR sliding weight, but don’t want to adjust the loft.

The easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment, and the Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft blends light weight with great feel and playability.

The SLDR S driver is available in four high-lofted options (10°, 12°, 14° and 16°), each equipped with the lightweight Fujikura Speeder 57 graphite shaft and TaylorMade high-traction grip.

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TaylorMade SLDR Irons
Product of the Week, May 27, 2014                                            


TaylorMade SLDR Irons


          The TaylorMade SLDR Iron is technology you can see and performance you can feel. It is ideal for players who want the eye-appeal and responsiveness of a classically-shaped iron head, as well as modern performance technologies that promotes higher and longer shots with added forgiveness.

The SLDR's simple, triangular shape is not too big and features a thin top line, thin sole, and handsome chrome finish. Its new, ThruSlot Speed Pocket helps you launch the ball with more speed and on a higher launch angle than you can with a typical player's iron, and the high flight promotes a steep descent angle for quick stops on the green. Thanks to careful calibration of the Speed Pocket's geometry and an discreetly positioned badge on the back that absorbs unwanted vibration, this iron feels and sounds fantastic, too. Any player who loves the look and performance of a classic player's iron will love the new SLDR iron and its extraordinary beauty and distance-enhancing performance.  


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TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter
Product of the Week, September 2, 2014

TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter offers tremendous heel-toe-weighted stability, thanks to its multi-material construction, in a stunningly beautiful shape. Counterbalancing the heavy head with a 130-gram grip increases the MOI of the entire club. According to TaylorMade Tour Staff professionals, that helps make it easier to keep the head moving on your intended path to promote increased accuracy.

The Spider Mallet is available in two lengths, 38" and 35". The idea is to grip the club as you would a normal-length putter, with two or three inches of the butt-end of the grip extended above your hands, which gives you the maximum benefit of counterbalancing. Thus, if you normally play a 35" putter you should opt for the 38"; if you play a 33" putter should use the 35"; if you play a 34" putter you can experiment with both the 35" and 38" to find which you prefer.

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Game Golf Digital Tracking System
Product of the Week, September 8, 2014                                            


Game Golf Digital Tracking System


Game Golf is a revolutionary new stat tracking device for golfers looking to improve their game. With Game Golf, game tracking happens in the background, so you can focus on playing instead of note-taking.

All you have to do is power up, put on the device, and play your game. Install the unique tags into each of your clubs and simply tag each club to the device before you take your shot. That's it.
Game Golf logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before. During your round, simply tap the tags you installed into the grips of your clubs against a wearable device before each shot. That’s it. Everything else is done automatically.

Observe your entire golf game on their web and mobile interfaces, which display your game like never before using a map view of the golf course that shows your shot locations and distances. Round stats can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets using the Game Golf app after uploading your game via a laptop or desktop computer.

Share your rounds, stats, records and more with the GAME community and your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Now your game can leave the course.

All statistical parts of your game are recorded, calculated and displayed as trends over time, so learning about and improving your game is based on facts.


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Hank Haney's PlaneFinder
Product of the Week, September 21, 2014                                            


Hank Haney's PlaneFinder


The PlaneFinder™ works by finally allowing golfers to FEEL where the swing plane is. Until now the only way to practice swinging on plane was using video or a mirror.

Hank Haney's PlaneFinder™ has changed the way golfers of all skill will learn to improve their swing. "The  PlaneFinder allows you to learn with three of your senses, feel sight, and sound." When you come in contact with PlaneFinder™ indicators you can feel that you hit them, you can see the indicators that moved, and you can hear when you come in contact with the PlaneFinder™ indicators.

You can use the PlaneFinder™ with every club in your bag from a lob wedge to a driver.

The PlaneFinder gives you instant feedback on every swing you make, allowing you to build an effortless repeating golfing swing, And shoot lower scores.

It's the next best thing to having a personal lesson with Hank Haney anytime you want, anywhere you want.


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Titleist 915 Drivers
Product of the Week, October 5, 2014

Titleist 915 Drivers

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Nov. 14, the Titleist 915D2 and 915D3 feature a proprietary Active Recoil Channel, a long, wide and deep sole channel that actively flexes at impact and recoils to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin; a Radial Speed Face, a high-speed forged face insert with a radially thinner perimeter in the heel and toe, which works with the Active Recoil Channel to increase ball speed on off-center hits; and a precise, high-MOI design with a low and deep center of gravity location that delivers stability and forgiveness by preserving off-center ball speed for more distance more often.

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TaylorMade RSi Irons
Product of the Week, October 13, 2014

TaylorMade RSi Irons

TaylorMade’s new RSi irons feature Face Slot Technology, which provides greater consistency across the face, giving players improved performance on miss-hits. The company has taken everything it has learned from the development of Speed Pocket technology (originally introduced in its RocketBallz fairway woods) and applied it to the iron face to activate the toe and heel areas to provide more uniform flexion across the face and protect ball speed on off-center hits.

Only available with RSi, Face Slots are found in the 3- through 8-irons. Positioned at the toe and heel, just outside the score lines and vertically spanning 35 to 38 millimeters (depending on the iron number), the slots are cut all the way through the face and filled with a durable epoxy compound. The heel and toe slots allow the face to flex easily and protect ball speed for more consistent distance across the face.

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Ping G30 Driver
Product of the Week, October 20, 2014

Ping G30 Driver

The G30 driver has “crown turbulators” in the clubhead to help generate greater speed and ball velocity for consistently longer drives that find the fairway. New T9S face material is strong, lightweight and thin, optimizing face deflection for even higher ball speeds and longer drives. With Trajectory Tuning+ Technology, you can fine-tune launch conditions using five settings and two full degrees of loft adjustability.
The driver's center of gravity is the lowest and farthest back of any PING model, ensuring optimal launch conditions and an even higher moment of inertia in both axes for extreme forgiveness and maximum energy transfer. A new high-strength, lightweight T9S titanium face is thinner and hotter to optimize face deflection for faster ball speeds and longer drives. Another source of power is the TFC 419D high-balance-point shaft. The CG is closer to the grip end, allowing for a heavier head, which increases the MOI and contributes to the extremely low CG.

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Nike Vapor Speed Driver
Product of the Week, November 11, 2014

Nike Vapor Speed Driver

Nike’s Vapor Speed driver has the largest and most stable chassis of the new Vapor drivers. Black on the crown with the distinctive volt in the cavity back and Compression Channel, the Vapor Speed driver promotes a higher launch angle with lower spin.

Nike has reengineered the chassis of the Vapor Speed by sloping the crown more from face to the back and creating a deeper face. This moves the center of gravity projection toward the center of the face and significantly reduces spin to launch ratio versus the Covert 2.0

Like the recently released Vapor Pro driver, the Vapor Speed driver blends three key technologies: Nike’s new FlyBeam-reinforced Covert Cavity Back design, a reengineered Compression Channel and FlexLoft 2. All of these are vital to maximize distance and consistency within a golfer’s desired flight window.

The new Compression Channel enhances the trampoline effect observed on the NexCOR face with a springboard design that accentuates ball speed on hits struck across the entire face. The end result is better sound, feel, consistency and distance.

FlexLoft 2 allows the golfer the functionality of five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings. The new, improved system is five grams (30 percent) lighter without compromising function. The redistribution of mass creates more stability, better launch conditions and faster swing speeds. Another benefit of FlexLoft 2 is its forward and backward compatibility. Golfers with previous generations of Covert can use shafts with the original adaptor in the new head or vice versa.
The Vapor Speed driver will be available on Jan. 30, 2015 at a street price of $299.00

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TaylorMade R15 Driver
Product of the Week, November 17, 2014

TaylorMade R15 Driver

The R15 driver features breakthrough adjustability and a lower and more forward center of gravity location.

With its new Front Track system in R15, adjusting a TaylorMade driver has never been quicker or easier: Inside the track system are two sliding split weights that weigh 12.5 grams each. The R15 club head has 5g more discretionary mass to maneuver yet is 4g lighter than the popular SLDR. Using the provided torque wrench, the golfer can loosen and slide the weights to the heel for a draw, to the toe for a fade or split for maximum stability.

Additionally, R15 incorporates the company’s most adjustable loft-sleeve, giving golfers the ability to alter their face angle, lie angle and loft preference to affect side-to-side trajectory. A simple rotation of the loft-sleeve system allows you to choose from 12 distinct settings that makes incremental changes in the lie and the loft/face angle.

Together, the sliding split weights and loft-sleeve enable golfers to adjust their R15 driver with extreme precision.

Key to the performance of the R15 is the low and forward center of gravity through a strategic placement of weight first seen in SLDR which promotes faster ball speed with less spin. The R15 has an even lower and more forward CG thanks to the Front Track system, which is 12mm closer to the leading edge with 40 more grams of weight forward. In total, 75% of the mass is in the front of the driver.

Low forward CG in combination with the more forward track and redesigned sliding weights in the R15 helps to reduce spin by about 100 to 200rpm and increase launch by 0.5 to 1.0deg compared to the SLDR 460.

The larger, 460cc version of R15 is for the player seeking maximum forgiveness and confidence on the tee, while the R15 430 has a shape that strongly resembles some of the most coveted drivers from the company’s past. The address size is noticeably smaller to appeal to players who prefer a smaller address view. The R15 430 is also the lowest spinning driver offering.

The R15’s crown comes in a satin white finish, with a contrasting black PVD face and sole. The strong contrast between the crown and face make it easy to align the face accurately at address. A gloss black version will be offered exclusively in R15 460.

The R15 460 loft options are 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° and 14° and is equipped with Fujikura’s Speeder 57 Evolution shaft.

The R15 430 loft options are 9.5°, 10.5°, and 12° and is equipped with Fujikura’s Speeder 67 Evolution shaft.

A R15 Tour Preferred version will feature a Speeder Evolution 661 Tour Spec.

The R15 drivers will be available in X, S, R and M flexes January 2015. Golfers can pre-order R15 starting December 12.

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TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver
Product of the Week, January 5, 2015

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

The AeroBurner boasts features significant aerodynamic upgrades to help you generate faster clubhead speeds off the tee. During the swing, airflow attaches to a fin-like piece along the hosel while the rounded toe design and curvature of the crown reduces overall drag. Contributing to increased clubhead speed is the club's overall weight which is below 300 grams.

Testing conducted by TaylorMade shows that players swing the AeroBurner 1 mph faster than the JetSpeed and SLDR drivers. The updated "speed pocket" extends the length of the sole, which increases face flexibility on shots struck low on the face and in the heel or toe, and expands the club's sweetspot by 10 percent compared to the JetSpeed driver.

The 460cc AeroBurner has a fixed hosel. According to company officials, an adjustable loft sleeve in the sole would've negatively affected the speed pocket's performance. Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° or HL (17°).
Price: $299; $369 with TP shafts

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2015 Champ Grips
Product of the Week, January 12, 2015                                                                                                        


Champ Grips        


Extensive research and development led to the creation of four “full swing” grip options from CHAMP – the C2 , C4, C6 and C8              – as well as the C1             putter grip.


Each is designed with a strong emphasis on technical innovation and game-improving performance, while the numerical ascension makes it easy for retailers and consumers to quickly identify models beginning with the entry level C2 through the premium C8. For 2015, the grips feature updated designs and attractive new color ways.





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