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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  Gear and Accessories  »  Hottest Golf Training Aids in 2012
Hottest Golf Training Aids in 2012
By Tom Landers | Published  10/24/2012 | Gear and Accessories | Unrated
Hottest Golf Training Aids in 2012
The Hottest Training Aids in 2012

The Hottest Training Aids in 2012

Maintain Your Edge with the Swedge
The Swedge swing training aid is recommended by Top Golf Instructors and was voted “Best Product of 2012” by the International Network of Golf. The Swedge helps focus your attention on keeping your right arm in the proper position, correcting several swing flaws simultaneously. It will help eliminate your hook or slice, keeps you connected throughout your swing, improves your accuracy, and increases your power and distance.

Available at all 85 Golfsmith locations nationwide and online at and

The Orange Stick
How many times have you said? “I could have broke 100 (90, 80) except I missed a 3 foot putt.” There is nothing more frustrating in golf because a golfer expects to make a 3 foot putt. Yet, for many golfers no shot is harder. The Orange Stick is the perfect putting training aid. The Orange Stick ingrains perfect stroke and alignment. Simply place the ball on the Orange Stick and Putt. Use the Orange Stick twice a week and you will be a better putter.

Get yours today for only $19.95 or (818) 578-5977

The 3-D Impact Bag

The 3-D Impact Bag was created as a training aide based on principles in Homer Kelley’s book, The Golfing Machine. This multipurpose Impact Bag is designed for practical practice, indoors or out. The yellow strap that comes with the bag is used to align the angle of the club shaft during some drills to ensure you are practicing your golf stroke using the correct club shaft angle. You can also hit short chip shots using the 3-D Impact bag which allows you to use your practice skills while actually hitting a chip shot.

The Golfing Machine, LLC • 503.641.0290

The Perfect Grip
Rated #1 Training Aid by Golf Digest
A poor grip is the number one reason why golfers hook or slice. The Perfect Grip sets you hands correctly throughout the swing, which means that the clubface will be “square” at impact.

The Perfect Grip fits like a ‘skin’ over your clubs, letting you experience the grip techniques the world’s best professionals use. The world’s first fully detachable imprint of a ‘perfect’ grip provides a blueprint for striking the ball consistently. Clubs and lessons won’t help, if you don’t perfect the most crucial fundamental there is.

Visit for your chance to win a FREE Perfect Grip.


DEAD AIM Putter first USGA Conforming putter to use laser. Dead Aim putters was launched in January 2012 at the PGA Show in Orlando Florida, and is the first USGA conforming putter that has a laser training attachment that can be snapped on during practice and training. The laser is then easily removed prior to tournament play to revel a USGA conforming putter.

The putter is the first of its kind to tout dual alignment which gives the golfer instant feedback about whether their eyes are directly over the putt aim-line and whether the hands are set properly—not too far forward or back. But it is making headlines because of its patented snap on laser training aid that fires at a precise right angle from the face of the club. The club is enthusiastically endorsed by Frank Nobilo of the golf channel who now carries it in his bag. Be one of the first to try this amazing putter by visiting:

Swing Rite
The famous SwingRite works on four golf swing essentials: tempo, swing speed, hand release, and grip. Guaranteed to improve power and distance, its unique clicking mechanism reinforces muscle memory—necessary for swing improvement.

Adjustable to swing speeds from 45-110 MPH. Perfect for all levels—men, women, and juniors. Use it indoors or out, for full swings to chip shots.
Voted #1 training aid by the World Golf Teachers Federation. Official training aid of the International PGA and United States Golf Teachers Federation.
Visit us at to see video demos and testimonials from teaching pros.

(866) 660-7387 or E-mail:
SwingRite, P.O. Box 155, Boxford, MA 01921


If you’re serious about rapid game improvement, then PlaneSWING® delivers. PlaneSWING® claim to offer the world’s #1 kinaesthetic swing plane training and golf fitness system and having read its testimonials at it’s easy to see why.

CEO Tony Clark commented: “PlaneSWING® gives a golfer instant understanding. With regular use they can create a powerful and repeatable motion on their ideal swing plane. After PlaneSWING® there’s no going back”.

Now used by teaching pros and amateurs in over 25 countries and 22 states across the US.

Made up of 5 elements, PlaneSWING comprises a multi-adjustable hoop, weighted PowerSLIDER™, PlaneCHECKER™, stance alignment mat and numbers that are placed around the PlaneSWING® in a clock formation to be used for swing drills supplied by PlaneSWING’s pro team.

PlaneSWING®, Windermere, Florida.
256 282 9098 or Email:

The GolfRing

The GolfRing is the short game practice aid no golfer wants to share, including many players from the PGA Tour!

The GolfRing enables golfers of every age and skill level to effectively put short game techniques into action by providing the appropriate visual target to groove your chip and pitch shots, as well as, your putting. The GolfRing makes practicing your short game fun.

The rings are so fine that they do not impede the roll of the ball to the hole yet they spring open easily from 18” to a 6’ ring. There’s nothing like it in the world! One of America’s top short game instructors Dave Stockton uses the GolfRing’s with all his students.

The Izzo Big Mouth Net and the 1x2 Hitting Mat
Fall into a better practice routine with the Izzo Big Mouth Net and the 1x2 Hitting Mat .
Leaves are turning and Fall is coming. Now is the time to get set for indoor swing practice. The Izzo Big Mouth comes with a 1’x2’ practice mat including a universal tee holder. You can practice in the garage or den at any time this Fall or Winter. The Big Mouth sets up quickly and offers a 7’ by 8’ hitting area for all clubs from driver to wedge.

Big Mouth Instant Range Net = $80.00
1X2 Hitting Mat = $20.00
Total $100
Order before November 15 Freight will be Free!!
Go to www. or call 800-284-1220 to order

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats
“True Feel with true results …”
– Mike Bender, 2009 PGA Teacher of the Year

“It’s Awesome! 14 years in the business and this mat is the best I have hit off of”
– Jerrod Funk, Jerrod Funk Golf Academy

“The Best Artificial Surface on the market”
- Jack Connelly, PGA of America President 2001-2003

“I use the Rotanet for practice at home. It’s quick and simple to set up, takes up very little space and allows me to practice my shots whenever I want. I recommend it“
- Alison Nicholas, US Women’s Open Champion 1997

Check out our mat and net options at
or call 800-344-2115
15% off all Mat / Net Combo orders if you phone in by Dec. 7th