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Wedges Sticking It Close!
By Tom Landers | Published  08/17/2012 | Wedges | Unrated
Wedges Sticking It Close!

Sticking It Close!

We all know how important it is to be a good putter. But perhaps an even a more vital aspect of a solid short game is hitting it close when within 100 yards of the putting surface and chipping the ball tight to the flag from around the green.
Becoming a good wedge player can shave countless strokes off your game…and help you make more putts. Think about it, if you can turn 40-footers into 20-footers by hitting a pitching wedge close to the stick, get up and down from sand bunkers with more regularity, and find your ball within three to six feet instead of 10 to 15 when chipping from near the carpet you are simply going to give yourself more chances to hole putts.
Today's wedges, and there are well over four dozen models ranging from a full shot wedges to lob wedges, are designed with a myriad of metals and given finishes, bounces, lofts, lies, and state-of-the-art groove technology to allow the user to control this most delicate of shots for optimum results. A good wedge is no different than a trusted putter; it allows the player a feeling of confidence so crucial to delivering a clean and efficient strike of the ball from any lie within 100 yards of the green.
Let's take a look at a select group of these beauties being produced by the top equipment manufacturers. One of them just may be the right tool for you.


Adams Puglielli Black • $119

Unique Features:
The Tour-inspired Puglielli Black CC Wedge is a premium wedge made from 8620 carbon steel which is then triple milled. The laser-engraved face increases surface roughness for maximized spin while a refined sole grind provides more playability from a multitude of lies. The wedge has a Ni/Cr Black PVD finish and comes with the Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft that is said to increase spin up to 700 rpm.

Tester Comments: Out of rough, off thin lies, out of the sand. If you can imagine the shot you can hit it with this wedge … Great stopping power on the greens … The heel is ground down on these wedges and it is fantastic for tight lies … Playability is phenomenal and great for all handicap levels.

Boccieri Control Series • $99

Unique Features:
With a head mass just a few grams heavier than a conventional wedge, the Heavy Wedge gets its name from the addition of a back weighting system found in each club. The 37 % higher balance point produced by the back weighting system is claimed to improve body mechanics affecting the swing's plane, tempo, transition, impact and balance. Available in 52 degree loft / 8 degree bounce, 56 degree loft / 11 degree bounce and 60 degree loft in 4 and 7 degree bounce.

Tester Comments: Great Spin from the older style square grooves … The extra weight seems to smooth out my swing/stroke and quiet the hands … Worth a try for anyone who struggles around the greens.

Fourteen Golf RM11 • $180

Unique Features: The RM-11's name is derived from the measurement of "revolutions per minute." The enlarged grooves impart exceptional spin and rotational speed that the design team thought the RM moniker only appropriate. The RM11 is available in both a non-glare satin and a dramatic black finish designed to prevent any type of visual distraction from the sun as well as giving the R11 club head a sharp and distinctive appearance.

Tester Comments: Very nice traditional head shape with a solid, firm feel off the club face on full shots and short shots around the green … Excellent performer from many types of lies and very solid from the sand … Slightly heavier weight lets you know feel the club head throughout the swing

Nike VR Pro Forged • $120

Unique Features: Designed to provide excellent spin and control around the green, Nike's VR Pro Forged wedges are an extension to Nike's Tour forged iron line. The wedges are a popular choice among some of the game's best players and specifically, Tiger Woods. The VR Pro Forged wedges come standard with a Dynamic Gold S400 steel shaft, a Nike Tour Velvet grip, and feature both chrome and non glare black oxide finishes.

Tester Comments: For control,distance and spin these wedges have it all … able to hit various flop shots with ease … The crosshatched face provides a little more spin without chewing up your ball … consistent distances from rough and around the green.

Ping Anser • $169

Unique Features: The Ping Anser Wedge provides soft feel and control that comes from a forged 8620 steel head with a thicker hitting area and reinforced back cavity. The sole tapers wider from heel to toe designed to improve performance from tight lies and bunkers. The milled grooves provide consistently high spin rates. A tungsten toe weight optimizes the center of gravity and elevates the moment of inertia for a lower boring trajectory. Ping's toe stabilization bar is claimed to enhance both workability and forgiveness when playing the ball toward the toe.

Tester Comments: Getting ball spin is almost effortless … great for chipping, long bunker shots,100 yard shots – these wedges can do it all … Very smooth feel at impact and very versatile.

SCORGOLF 4161 V-Sole
• $149

Unique Features: SCOR4161 represents an innovative departure from "the norm" in scoring clubs. These "precision scoring clubs" are engineered to deliver improved trajectories, better accuracy, optimum spin and extraordinary feel. The concept is that clubs with more than 40° of loft are where golfers will optimize scoring, so these 4-6 scoring clubs should be designed, fitted and crafted with shotmaking precision in mind. The SCOR4161 wedges are blended to the middle irons, matched to each other and fit to the golfer.

Tester Comment: A very traditional looking wedge … a solid, good looking, good performing wedge … V-sole which allows the club to function as both a high bounce and low bounce club.

TaylorMade ATV • $120

Unique Features: The ATV Wedge (All-Terrain Versatility) has a radically advanced sole design to handle a multitude of shots and ideally interact with turf, rough and sand. The ATV sole lets you play all critical shots with one wedge: chip, pitch, flop, and explosion from sand. The ATV bounce angle changes depending on how the head and face are positioned enabling the wedge to perform equally well out of the rough or off a tight lie.

Tester Comments: This wedge is unique in that it works well chipping, from the fairway, and in the sand … They are just as advertised: easier to hit from a variety of conditions. Just knowing that I can hit different shots with the different grinds gives confidence that has made scoring easier and my game more satisfying

Tour Edge TGS Triple Grind • $60

Unique Features: The all-new TGS "Triple Grind Sole" wedges feature a pear-shaped head design and a Tour-inspired triple grind sole that eliminates bounce from the heel and toe areas. By allowing players to open and close the club face without fear of the head grabbing the turf, the TGS sole dramatically improves shotmaking versatility from a variety of playing conditions.

Tester Comments: Lots a versatility in this wedge at a great price point … Well-balanced heads; impact is a solid sensation that provides plenty of feedback and a pleasing "click" through the ball … Standard shot trajectory is not too high and is easy to alter and control.

Tour Edge Tour Proto V1 • $99

Unique Features:
The Exotics Tour Proto wedge combines a super-thin, 303 milled stainless steel face and newly-developed thermal plastic elastomer gel to produce enhanced feel and feedback. The Tour grind sole minimizes turf grab at heel and toe. The Tour Proto V1.1 is available in both left and right-hand in Loft/Bounce offerings of 50.08 • 52.08 • 54.12 • 56.12 • 58.10 • 60.08 • 62.08.

Tester Comments: Very competent around the greens on most scoring shots … comfortable weighting, solid feedback and plenty of stability.

Player’s Choice AwardsWedges

Best Appearance
Adams Puglielli Black
Fourteen Golf RM 11
Nike VR Pro Forged

Best Performance
Adams Puglielli Black
Fourteen Golf RM 11
Nike VR Pro Forged
TaylorMade ATV

Best Forgiveness
Adams Puglielli Black
Fourteen Golf RM 11
Nike VR Pro Forged
Ping Anser
TaylorMade ATV

Best Consistency
Adams Puglielli Black
Fourteen Golf RM 11
Nike VR Pro Forged
Ping Anser
TaylorMade ATV

Best Feel
Fourteen Golf RM 11

Best Overall
Adams Puglielli Black
Fourteen Golf RM 11
Nike VR Pro Forged
TaylorMade ATV
Tour Edge Exotics Tour Proto