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Take A Hold of Your Putting By Jordan Lintz
Tom Landers
By Tom Landers
Published on 08/14/2012

Take A Hold of Your Putting
There are a few keys to putting consistently better. The most basic fundamentals include: hitting the ball squarely with the putter face, keeping the putter head moving level to the ground square to the target line, and stroking the putt at the proper speed to roll the ball the distance desired. To accomplish this more consistently, I recommend a grip called the “reverse overlap” that helps quiet hands/wrists as much as possible and maintains the putter face angle more effectively than other grips.

First, let the left arm hang down in front of you with your pointer finger pointing down the left side of the putter grip and your left thumb on the flat top of the grip. In this position, the shaft of the putter should look like an extension of your left forearm. The end of the putter will be directly in the middle of your palm, in between your thumb pad and heel pad. Your bottom three fingers on your left hand will somewhat awkwardly wrap around the putter grip.

The right hand will cover up the left thumb, as the left pointer finger lays on top and “overlaps” the fingers of the right hand. The right thumb will also be pointing directly straight down on the flat top of the putter grip.

The left hand “hold” is really the key to this grip. It will not allow as much wrist movement through the ball and it will help the putter head stay low throughout the putting stroke.

Jordan Lintz is an LPGA professional and Assistant Director of Instruction at Great River Golf Club. She can be reached at