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Instructional Tip - Step into Longer Drives By Derek Hooper
Derek Hooper
By Derek Hooper
Published on 06/21/2012

Instructional Tip - Step into Longer Drives By Derek Hooper

Step into Longer Drives
By Derek Hooper

The start of the down swing is arguably the most important move in golf. It is the move that separates average ball strikers from great ones. A great drill to help train the correct sequence of movement in the downswing is to do Step Swings.
  Take your normal address position and then slowly take the club to the top of your backswing. In this position there should be more weight on the trail foot and the back is turned to target giving you a loaded feeling. To start the downswing, lift the lead foot off the ground by a couple of inches and then plant it back down allowing the lower body to shift and weight to transfer to the lead leg. The key when making this move is to keep the back to target for as long as possible so as to allow the arms to drop naturally and thus place the club on plane. Once the weight has started to transfer to the lead side the hips can then turn through towards target dragging the upper body and arms into the impact area.

This is not the easiest drill you will ever do but it the best one to allow you to correctly train an athletic move into impact.

 Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at the Lake of Isles Golf Academy in Stonington CT. He can be reached at 888-475-3746 or