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 »  Home  »  Equipment  »  New on the Tee  »  2012 Father's Day Gift Guide
2012 Father's Day Gift Guide
By Tom Landers | Published  06/11/2012 | New on the Tee | Unrated
2012 Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day Gift Guide 2012                                    

2012 Father's Day Gift Guide


P2G2 Putters
                          To improve your putting, Providence Precision Golf Group (P2G2) had to depart from tired trends dominating four decades in putter design. Extensive testing showed that the company’s patented TopStrikeTechnology attains the best roll characteristics across the widest range of stroke tendencies, even on off-center hit. Simply put, you strike the ball at the optimum point where the natural energy of the putter is transferred cleanly to the equator of the ball, minimizing spin variables and maximizing the smooth feel of the putting stroke into true roll. Your putts are easier to line up and your speeds more predictable. You’ll think less and sink more putts farther from the cup with new-found confidence on the greens.


Tifosi Sunglasses
                          Dad will love functional, stylish and affordable golf eyewear from Tifosi. The eyewear provides superb look, comfort and functionality. Tifosi’s lens technology makes it easier to spot a ball in flight and to read the contours of a green. Slip-resistant ear and nose pieces stay in place even in sweaty conditions, and interchangeable lenses keep you prepared in any kind of weather. Each pair comes with a protective zippered case and a lens-cleaning bag, all for $49 to $69 retail. Learn more at


Polara's "Self-Correcting" Golf Ball
                        Think of the  Golfer in Your Life this Father’s Day with Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls.  With these golf balls, dad can enjoy life from the  fairway…
                        Polara Golf uses  the best available technology to create products for recreational golfers who  want to improve their game. With improved play comes greater enjoyment of the  game, less frustration, and increased pace of play, while hitting more  fairways and fewer trees. The Polara  Self-Correcting golf ball is the straightest ball in golf and corrects hooks  and slices by up to 75% with its unique dimple pattern. Start enjoying  life from the fairway,


                        Robot Caddy - CaddyTrek - Follows you!
The CaddyTrek is a unique robotic golf caddy that follows you faithfully around the golf course. You can also remote control it in front of you, or manually push it as needed. A lithium ion battery lasts for 27 holes and longer. Powerful dual motors on the front drive wheels make climbing hills a breeze. The most compact and lightweight powered caddy in the world, he CaddyTrek folds and unfolds easily, and comes with no assembly required. Distributors are wanted. Call 781-213-3014 or visit


Axis 1 Golf
                          The Axis1 Eagle’s patented innovation shifts the heel weight forward of the striking face, and places the center of gravity of the club exactly on the sweet spot of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft at the same time. This unique balance eliminates a putter’s tendency to open up, resulting in more on-line putts and lower scores.


                        CoursePro Elite

                            It’s human nature to want to improve your golf game. Now you can achieve that with CoursePro Elite, a compact GPS device that will be your personal assistant on the golf course.  CoursePro provides information on its LCD screen about downloaded golf courses that you store in its memory.
                          CoursePro displays distances to the front, center and back of the green for each hole along with the par, calculates shot distance, helps you keep score and provides a manual hazard map.
The information provided by CoursePro will give you up to the minute accurate, crucial information that will guarantee a competitive edge!





Quick Spikes
Quick Spikes attach to sneakers or shoes and turns them into golf shoes. Quick Spikes are great for travel because there is no more having to pack your golf shoes for vacation, and are perfect for kids because you no longer have to purchase new golf shoes every year for your child’s growing feet. Quick Spikes are also ideal for individuals with orthopedic shoes or those with special footwear requirements. Quick Spikes can be used for a full round of golf or just for the driving range to get the real life feel while practicing. They are designed to stretch and fit several different sizes, and come in small/medium or large/XL. See the company’s website for specific sizing information at


Excel Golf
                          Give the gift every golfer wants, more distance, accuracy, and performance on course.
                      This year give your golf loving Dad what he really wants; longer, straighter drives on the course, with Zero Friction™ performance products.  Zero Friction™ Tees are the #1 performance tees on the PGA Tour with over 70 PGA Tour victories and over 370 top-10 finishes.  This special gift pack includes one pack of Zero Friction™ PGA Tour Licensed tees, one dozen Zero Friction™ Distance 312 golf balls, and a Zero Friction™ golf towel, for a special price of $30.00 (a $42.00 value).  Offer available online only at


                        Macro PowerStroke Full Swing Golf Grip


A new US patented mid-taper ERGONOMIC GRIP DESIGN that increases wrist flex and enhances the natural action of the hands to increase full swing power and control. The patented innovations of the PowerStroke Grip include the following beneficial swing features :
- Facilitates " One Plane " extension at set-up/address
- Easier full extension at " Take-away "
- Stops mid-swing " re-gripping "
- " Softer " downswing feel
- Smoother, quicker release
- FlightScope tested
Swing with confidence ... Re-Grip with Macro Golf's PowerStroke Grips ... and play better with the clubs already in your bag!
Order online at or call 877-270-9402


                      Hank Haney’s “Driving Lessons
Golf is expensive, especially when you’re driving half a dozen $4 balls into the woods or water from the tee box. Eliminate the lost-ball expense by consistently hitting the fairway, and the beauty of your booming drives makes the expense of golf worthwhile. It’s possible with Hank Haney’s “Driving Lessons”. This DVD is a personal driving lesson given by Top Pro Instructors Hank Haney and Mark O’Meara. They focus on the swing plane and swing motion for the driver, how to launch the ball, fixing a slice, and many other teaching techniques of driving the ball! $5.95


Nexbelt, the belt with no holes, is a new innovative belt that Dads will love! Worn by PGA Tour players like Kevin Na, our belts allow adjustments in ¼ inch increments versus 1” of traditional belts. Not sure of Dad’s waist size? Our one-size-fits-most allows Dad to cut to his size. We have two sizes 28-40” and 38-50” And our buckles has a face that flips down to reveal a hidden marker: A convenience he’ll love. We have a variety of designs with quality leathers to choose from. Dad will love Nexbelts!


The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is an affordable training aid with which golfers can obtain immediate real-time feedback on clubhead swing speed and tempo time to improve consistency and optimize swing speed for more distance and control. It can be used at the driving range, in the backyard, or during practice rounds. Because of its portability and affordability, it is also a favorite of instructors and clubmakers.



                          Take a Full Swing at Home
                          An elegant solution to the traditional bulky golf net.

                          SwingBox offers golfers a lightweight, innovative home hitting solution that is small enough to fit in your home.  No need to have sleeves of golf balls or guess on your shot, SwingBox returns your ball for you and gives you visual and audio feedback that provides a realistic hitting experience without having to go to the driving range! See it to believe it!!
                          Mention code GolfMag71 for a $50 discount! Expires July 1, 2012.
                          310 874 6638


Stockton Golf – Unconscious Putting DVD
Find out the “Secret” that has helped Tour Players reach the winners circle over 60 times in the past 2 years. It’s all in the new DVD titled, “Unconscious Putting” from Stockton Golf. Simplify your routine with help from golf’s first family of putting: Dave Stockton Sr. and his sons, Dave Stockton Jr. and Ron Stockton.
You’ll learn how to:
                          • Roll your ball using your own natural putting signature, not by copying one that doesn’t
                          fit, or following a checklist of mechanical thoughts.
                          • Improve your mental game and discover that putting is an art that you can master.
                          • Reconnect with your instincts to see the line more clearly and get a better feel for distance.
                          • Find out from the Pros themselves why Dave is called “The Pro Tours’ Hottest Coach” and why so many of them rely upon his Signature Approach to create wins on Sunday afternoon.
                           $29.95 • (888) 811-8467 •


Innovex Golf
Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Value

                          Dubbed “The Titleist Killer”, the V-Motion Tour is a 3-piece premium ball designed for golfers who demand Tour Level performance and playability. The cast urethane cover produces a high spin rate around the green and the compensating speed core gives you extra distance off the tee. It is built to compete with the best golf balls on the market and it does. The V-Motion received a Golf Digest Hot List Award including 4 stars in the Performance and Innovation categories. The target audience of the V-motion is lower to mid handicap golfers looking to improve their game and reduce their costs. The V-Motion golf ball costs about $15.00 less per dozen than the comparable Titleist Pro V1 and ProV1x. For more information visit
                          $32.95 per dozen


Play Nine
Play Nine® is the new card game of golf designed for two to six players, ages 8 to adult. The object is to shoot the lowest score, and after nine holes, the lowest score wins. Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy Play Nine. The combination of strategy and luck-of-the-draw keeps the fun and challenge going down to the last hole. Play Nine is easy to learn and fun to play.


Make Your Mark
                          Whether you are searching for corporate or executive golf gifts, wedding or grooms gifts, even Father's Day gifts, or Christmas gifts, our silver personalized golf ball markers are sure to please each and every time they are used on the green. If you are a golf tournament organizer, and wish to have a registration gift, hole-in-one prizes, or special appreciation awards, then our Personalized Visor Clip Ball Marker, or our famous Hat Magic, Shirt Magic, or Shoe Magic Gold Ball Markers will be sure to make a lasting impression. They can be customized with your event graphics, and come in a handsome package.


The Puttometer
The Puttometer is a revolutionary training device that allows golfers to practice distance control of their putts right at home. Just input the speed of the green and the putt distance that you wish to practice. Putt the ball through the Puttometer and the distance that the ball would have travelled on a real green will be displayed. The Puttometer allows you to practice putts of up to 60 feet on any size carpet. A challenge mode makes practicing fun and 3 putts will be a thing of the past as you ENGRAIN YOUR PUTTING STROKE with the Puttometer!


                          Scratch Golf Clubs makes the best golf clubs anywhere in the world.  Every Scratch Golf club is made and assembled one at a time specifically for the player who will be using it.  From hand made irons and wedges made by legendary craftsmen Don White and Jeff McCoy, to pre-made irons as well as 1018 and 8620 wedges with sole grinds designed to fit specific players.  Help your dad lower his scores this Father's Day with better golf clubs. 10% off ANY Scratch Golf Purchase use promo code "DAD12" at
                        or call 800-834-4834


Butch Harmon Instructional DVDs
Butch Harmon is the World’s Best Golf Instructor and he put his comprehensive knowledge  onto a  4 hour instructional DVDs that include interviews with his incredible list of players including  Phil Mickelson, Nick Watney, Natalie Gulbis, Greg Norman, Ernie Els, Fred Couples, Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods. There are lessons for players of all levels, and special sections for woman, kids and seniors. The golf loving dads on your list will love having Butch as their personal instructor. ENTER the coupon code GOLF1 at and save $20 and receive FREE shipping and FREE rush processing.


Hank Haney's PlaneFinder
Hank Haney’s PlaneFinder makes the perfect father’s day gift. The revolutionary PlaneFinder enables golfers of all skill levels, from beginner to low handicapper, find and improve their swing plane. It’s just like having Hank Haney there with you, training and coaching you every time you use the PlaneFinder.
                        The PlaneFinder indicators instantly let you see, feel and hear whether you are on plane or where your swing left the correct plane. The PlaneFinder gets better as you get better-bringing the indicators closer leading to a more precise, powerful and repeatable golf swing.
                          Say thanks to DAD this year by giving him a better golf game with Hank Haney’s PlaneFinder